Persistent Fatigue / Exhaustion

Persistent Fatigue / Exhaustion as a strong side effect of Fin is what bothers me most since it affects my everyday life! It leaves me with no energy everyday. Thank god I sleep very well. But even if I sleep 9, 10 or even more hours when I get up in the morning I feel just tired and exhausted and with no energy. (I quit Fin 3 1/2 years ago with no improvement…)

Has anybody made a positive experience in how to fight or lower Persistent Fatigue / Exhaustion?

Thanks for any help!

Cortef. Take around 30mg total per day…5-7.5mg every 4 hours starting at 6am.

Before cortef I could not even make it through work I was a walking zombie.

I started taking cortef a few years ago and since I have finished grad school all while working full time and running a NPO. Also have been able to play sports more, although I always need to stress dose heavily the day after.

So it improved (did not 100% fix) sleep, energy, brain fog, irritability, mood. However, sexually it did not help at all. Still asexual and do not respond to androgens.

moonman, have you considered that DHT does not cross the blood brain barrier?

That could be why your masteron cycle (or others’ DHT use) didn’t help libido, etc. It can’t get into the CNS. I don’t know if 3-adiol can though since the DHT->3adiol reaction is reversible and DHT may get into the CNS that way.

You said you didn’t notice any improvement in libido, energy, etc. But did you notice any peripheral androgenic symptoms? (body/beard hair, etc.)

Do i need a doctor prescription to buy cortef?

Thanks a lot

A prescription is best.

But you can get it at (hisone). Its just a little underdosed.

Hi. I suffer fatigue too. How are you doing after some years? Any improvements?