Persistent brain fog (spaced out) from low dosage after a week

I was well aware at all potential symptoms before taking fin. However, I went ahead and tried 0.5mg EOD and after 3-4 days I felt “off”. Dropped to 0.25 for two more days and the brain fog got worse. Stopped. So x7 days total of fin. (I also tried one 1mg pill a month ago, just to make sure I had no immediate reactions, which I did not)

Now only five days later, it’s the same/worse. It feels like being stoned, disconnected, etc… I’ve heard it described here often. But this feeling is now contributing to panic attacks and major anxiety.

Zero other sides. None.

I was told by my derm to wait two weeks for my dht levels to return, and it should subside.

I’ve researched alot here for some potential relief, because it’s getting impossible to function like this. I feel like my brain is shutting down, that it’s fighting itself.

No previous history of panic attacks of anxiety, this is all new to me.

I know there isn’t a single possible cure or answer… but has anyone else felt this way before? After such a short duration, to be this mentally handicapped… what is your relief, did it go away?

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I can only speak for myself but the anxiety / panic attacks went away very quickly for me after I stopped.

The brain fog took much longer, but it did to away after some time.

Reading this forum it seems the mental issues are more likely to resolve with time than the physical.

Sit still in the boat is my best advice. Maybe call in sick for a week if you feel you can’t work and try to relax as much as possible. Go for some walks etc.


Thank you for the kind words. May I ask roughly how long the mental sides started to subside? I can typically power through the anxiety, but my baseline mental state is so off now, I find it very difficult to get any sort of relief.

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Sure, for me I had an big increase in anxiety (not much prior) while on the drug. I didn’t connect it to fin however so I kept taking it.

Then I developed some gyno and that I knew was due to fin so I quit.

After a couple of days I woke up and felt like shit before work. Thought I was sick so called in sick and went to puke.

Later that day I already felt better, and things started from improve from there. It was slowly but gradual for me. Anxiety went away first, maybe after a couple of weeks. After that I actually got more calm than before fin, I really can’t be bothered by anything.

I got better and better mentally for the next few months pretty rapidly. After that it was up and down, but manageable.

It’s been about 2 years since I quit and I do not longer have brain fog. But it was there for 1+ year. Doing some light cardio always seemed to make my head very clear, but doing to much would make it worse.

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