Persistant penile pain

Hello, ever since this ordeal I feel a constant 24/7 pain in the penis aside from numbness as well. The pain is like a 3/10 and constant. It feels like what I imagine an untreated ischemic priapism sufferer would feel after they had visited hospita, except this is constant. It’s like a dull ache or stretch just in the corpus , and the spongeosum feels inflammed and hardened and painful too.
Has anyone had this and has it gone away after a few months? It is getting unbearable and icannot continue like this

I have this on and off.

sorry to hear this men, this is a real hell. what sort of tests have you had? do you have hard flaccid ? any MRI or ultrasounds? and what do you find helps the pain, i tried advil and it seems to be somewhat helpful but this isn’t sustainable option

I had this but it’s gone. My penis now have a bend/narrowing where it hurt though.

Masturbation without a rock solid boner made is worse for me.

No tests. I doubt they’d find much and if they did they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. I associate the pain with mini crashes. Whenever those little crashes happen I get penis aches. Good luck explaining that to a doctor.

And do you guys have a feeling of dense penis wen flaccid? i used to have spongey penis but now feels very hardened, not fully rigid but like hard flaccid way.

And i notice its worse during bad days , so it does seem to be related to mini crashes. Im thinking some test could be useful, maybe a biopsy to checek at cellular level whats going on in the penis. HBOT also hyperbaric therapy, it can inrease oxygen levels greatly in these low oxygen areas to aid healling

Yes my penis now a days are more rigid and can’t expand like it used to. I’m pretty sure it’s not due to hard flaccid, but rather due to changes in the ECM (extracellular matrix) and collagen deposits.

I am going to the urologist in December and force them to do all the tests like doppler, EMG and maybe an angiogram.

ok, this is interesting. I did remember one case in literature they describe one patient penis as flaccid but rigid. I think it is a different type of hard flaccid for us PFS guys, not like the other hard flaccid.

What can EMG show us, do you think its useful test? How about blood pressure cuff test , i think there is a penis cuff they can use right?
I hope our extracellular matrix is not shrunken… is this the tunica albuginea?

Normal hard flaccid is when blood doesn’t flow out of the penis like it should do. Kind of like a small priapism. In my case I 100% have to little blood entering the penis.

EMG can check your pudendal nerve to check if it’s working correctly. A few patients had neuropathy here.

Yeah there’s a cuff that can check blood pressure in the penis. Maybe they’ll check with it to, not sure.

ECM is kind of like a “net” of cells and they’re suppose to be arranged in a pattern. In rats fin cause the ECM pattern to be erratic and increased collagen deposits. This could “harden” the penis, kind of like how scaring would harden/thicken the skin.

Also they showed decreased weight in the corpus cavernosa and thinning of the tunica albuginea.

This was rats on fin, maybe it would reverse when the rats got off, but I’m sure in my case something structural in still very wrong.

Ok thats good to know, i had no idea thats why. Is there a way to cure hard flaccid or too much blood flowing in?

Interesting, so we cannot heal our scarring then? aren’t there some ways to break up scar tissue and make it softer? i have tried heat therapy (40 celsius heat sock 30 minutes a day) which was shown to be as effective as verapamil or better in terms of reducing fibrotic tissue development for peyronies patients.

Yea i saw this study, they did claim it reversed but im not sure if thats really true… either way we both seem to have something wrong for sure. I hope my pain will go away , and I will focus on therapies really from here on out. this drug caused a systemic wide scarring in penis is what it feels like… really unfortunate as if it was just in one area like peyronies maybe i could be ok with it but it seems evenly distributed across the whole penis…

The top half is a darker colour and doesn’t inflate properly. But honestly, my penis is the least of my problems.

I have no idea to be honest. Maybe, maybe not. Having an erratic ECM is not easy to get diagnosed with either, because the damage may not be picked up like peyronie’s scarring.

Did they? I thought they didn’t test it? Not sure, you can be right.

If it was only the penis that got affected I’d be super happy lol. This disese is full body sadly.

maybe onyl way is a skin biopsy or flesh biopsy with a histology study.

Also true that study only claimed it would reverse, never actually tested it.

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