Permanently low e2 after AI


Disclaimer: never took any 5ar inhibitor in my life.

Back in 2015 I used Pfizer Aromasin in the hope of boosting my natural testosterone. Which it worked really well for, I reached 1200ng/dl by just taking 25mg aromasin every 3 days.

I took it for about a month before the low e2 symptoms became unbearable:

  • crackly joints
  • flat muscles
  • no strength and 0 pump in the gym
  • depressed mood
  • foreharm hairloss
  • no libido.

Fast forward one year I didn’t learn from my mistake, I take aromasin again.
Same symptoms that make me stop.

Fast forward one year after discontinuing, I feel depressed, my muscles are flat, I cannot workout anymore, I have no libido.

I go for a blood test: e2 is <10, practically undetectable, and test is 600ng/dl.

Fast forward 3 years in 2020, another blood test: e2 still undetectable.

I decide to try transdermal testosterone to solve this issue: it does a great job at elevating e2, I feel a lot better, but it’s affecting my sleep really bad, and I don’t like that constant tiredness.

I’m now in a situation where I have found a solution to my low e2, but the solution makes me sleep-deprived.

Anyone has been confronted to the same issue and found a durable solution?

What did your doctor say when you told them about the transdermal testosterone’s effect on you?

Haven’t gone to a doctor and not sure I care about a doctor’s opinion on the matter, they are generally oblivious to this nature of issues.
Low T can be understood by few doctors.
Low e2 will be understood by almost none.

I’m self medicating with testosterone cream, I didn’t go to a doctor for it.

And will you try estrogen cream? Do you think what dutasteride can do to 5ar, aromatase inhibitors can do the same to the aromatase enzyme and estrogen receptors?

I won’t try estrogen cream.
I need to find a solution that increases endogenous aromatase.

Taking a wild stab at fixing yourself with the advice of someone who may or may not know what they’re doing might not be the right thing to do.

Taking a wild guess, people posting on a forum looking for how to solve a problem, probably don’t have the answer themselves.

Whatever your current condition, we know that others who have experimented have in some cases dramatically worsened themselves.

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