Peripheral histamine is an important regulatory factor of male gonadal development

are you saying that finasteride got rid of your allergic reaction??

If you dont know who I am , I have a bunch of pfs symptoms but never tooken the drug. I had a rash on my thighs all my life, that has completely dissapeared ever since I got these symptoms!??!

Im saying histamine is involved in alot more than allergies. its something im looking at for now. Obviously its been looked at but not like this. (This thought was more so sparked when I see certain bacteria capable of activating h1 and h2 receptors. I also see certain bacteria capable of degrading histamine.)
Your maybe an example. You didnt take Propecia.
So its being recognized that antiandrogen type substances can cause PFS.
So now we are talking about a mechanism of action outside of inhibiting the 5ar enzyme that decreases dht that can still cause PFS.
So what are we really talking about?
Maybe there’s also another mechanism of action, more hidden. Idk, I just look at possibilities and keep moving.

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My first post was on peaktestosterone forum. I had a guy pm me , and told me that his story is identical to mine. He went on a diet , lost some weight, and is stuck with these horrible symptoms. The last message he sent me reads this.

"Remember how you mentioned that you had not a flu or a cold in last years? That it feels like immune system is in overdrive?
Read this:

“It could be related to overproduction of histamine and lack of histamine metabolism. Histamine is responsible for dry itchy eyes, water accumulation (edema) and a bunch of other stuff. I am planning to test histamine levels.”

Histamine is regulating many metabolic processes. Its most important function is probably to alert the body in case of microbial attacks.

Not just allergens, but histamine produces fluids and mucus to try to clear everything from allergens, bacteria, to viruses.

Histamine could be vital for proper immune function or dysfunction.
I also don’t think blood levels tell the whole story.

I too think there is something related to histamine, I used to get sore throat and flu, very easily and frequently before pfs, now I rarely fell ill, and heal very very fast without any antibiotics or other meds, it seems my immune system is in overdrive.

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Longtime Lurker....I have recovered...after 7 years! apparently this guy took some histamine supplement and recovered not sure why this thread hasn’t been looked at more. Someone needs to read his story more I’m incredibly brain fogged at the moment.

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Same here. Before pfs I would get sick really easily out of the blue. Sore throat was common along with chills. Now I got sick recently and healed in like one day, whereas before it would take me a week to heal. This is probably the only positive thing with pfs

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Im looking at a balance here or maybe a shifted balance (dysregulation)
Maybe how bacteria might affect this balance, or the microbiome.
So not just looking at these human genes, bacteria and fungi can produce histamine. Certain bacteria can also degrade histamine, such as Bifido longum and infantis.

Genes of the Histamine Pathway and Common Diseases

For more than a hundred years since the discovery
of histamine, a large body of data has been accumulated on the importance of this amine for normal body
functioning, as well as for the development of pathologies of various organ systems.

Both temporal and chronic imbalances between the synthesis/intake of histamine and its degradation/metabolism in the human body (including those caused by specific genetic features) mediate the development of inflammatory manifestations with disturbance of the homeostasis of various organ systems (nervous, immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, etc.). Immunopathologic reactions mediated by histamine accompany the development of antigen-specific and nonspecific immediate and delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions of inflammation, effector immunocomplex reactions, autoimmune disorders, and cancer and, ultimately, can determine the comorbidity of common diseases. The review also provides information on the associations of the genes of the histamine pathway with common diseases (according to the studies using the candidate-gene approach and genome-wide association studies).

The biggest stand out here is that its H2 histamine receptors providing this neuroprotective effect.
Keep in mind a few posts up, Prozac greatly inhibited the h2 receptor in the gi tract.

Histidine provides long-term neuroprotection after cerebral ischemia through promoting astrocyte migration

my friend on peak testosterone, who like my went on crash diet and developed these horrible symptoms is also thinking it has something to do with histamine. He is the one that gave me that idea. He noted to be that he does not have mucus anymore??

-My rash I had my whole life completely dissapeared…which I thought was impossible?

-I developed a 2-3 day egg allergy that happened about 1-2 months before my crash?

-Haven’t had a proper flu in the last 3 years.

-Itchy side of nose, ears… I also found this to be linked with histamine…

I was just going to post something on this. I think this could be an important thought to keep in mind.
Accutane is capable of eroding the mucus layer in the intestines, you also see SSRI’s having antihistamine effect in the gi tract.
Also keep in mind mucus layers of the sinuses and eyes as well and possible constant low grade inflammation without the appropriate response.

H2 blockers decrease gut mucus production and lead to barrier dysfunction in vitro.

Here’s the other side of the coin from the response I just posted in the Does histamine intolerance play a key role? thread.

Immune regulation by histamine and histamine-secreting bacteria


Histamine is a biogenic amine with extensive effects on many immune cell types. Histamine and its four receptors (H1R–H4R) represent a complex system of immunoregulation with distinct effects dependent on receptor subtypes and their differential expression. In addition to mammalian cells, bacteria can also secrete histamine and the influence of microbiota-derived histamine on host immunological processes is only beginning to be described.

Bacterial-derived histamine is immunologically active.


Just showing hands again, pre-fin I had big allergies to my cat and regular hayfever, plus got coughs and colds 2-3 times a year.
Since fin my allergies vanished, aside from maybe two or three sniffles at points, and no colds either.

Do think there could be something in this.

We need to become ‘sensitive’ to histamine again? I did check my blood histamine levels a couple months back and it was mid-range/perfect.


Same here regarsing allergies. Maybe it is not hystamine but inmune system itself.

I remember getting Candida and pretty bad digestion issues straight after accutane. İt’s been 22 years and I still have that. But to be honest I did not knew about all that until 3 months ago. So I never did something.

Now I started with low fodmap and other stuff. Question is, can we repair it? Or is it gone forever? I mean, at this state I give myself maybe 5-10 years before I die because of malabsorption and tons of Vitamine deficiency.

I lost 10 kg and have pretty much none body fat. I can not do subcutan injections because of low body fat. I live from 5 foods. Rice, chicken, beef, somon and broccoli.

This is from Mayo Clinic. Some other tests (like whole blood) might not have much clinical validation.
So looking at this reference range, histamine important for immune regulation, should read less than 1 in blood plasma. You can also look at Quest Diagnostics with a similar range and only offered test.
So I think whats going on with blood levels might not tell the whole story.
Especially looking at its possible role in the gi tract and colon.


Histamine Plasma

Reference Values

<1.0 ng/mL

Also, Im not claiming this to be an “it” factor at this point. Im just thoroughly looking at a case for this. I have a few more thoughts/studies and that will be it. You can only look at some of this so much to see what might be possible in the real world. If there was a case for bacterial involvement, this could be part of a dysbiosis shift that doesnt get corrected in just a few days. Hell, my health has been swinging in the wrong direction with this for 20 some years, and its starting to take its toll.
So when people talk about anything close to a “cure” for me its about stopping the bleeding or progression so to speak First.

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I made a histamine test, with that result, less than t.

Histamine rebound is real, but to fully explore both sides of this, what if that rebound never comes?

You can see some pretty good documented relationships with Accutane and SSRI’s, nothing with Finasteride, but then again i’m not sure if you ever would see a study looking at Finasteride and Histamine, only reports of I don’t get allergies or sick anymore, which I know could also belong to numerous factors.

Many people report dealing with the aftermath of Zyrtec for many years even after stopping the drug.

Also lets say there’s a cause for the opposite of this, Histamine is a problem.
I didnt connect this at the time, but I got worsened uncontrollable tics and muscle spasms/spastic motion on Allegra. Same with Bifido Longum 35624 (Align) a histamine degrading bacteria.

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Histamine alone was enough to significantly raise DHT tissue levels in this study. Again something to keep in mind.

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