Perineal EMG shows modest denervation - Results

The final comment says “modest chronic sub-acute denervation. Compatible with a modest chronic neuropathy of the pudendal nerve”.


Safe to say you have ED to a good degree?

Kan, what is this test and whats the relation of pudendal nerve and pfs? Can you explain this to me?

I also have a heavy pain in my buttocks and pelvic area that comes and goes. Is there a relation? Also which symptoms made you to do these tests?

Yes, I have severe ED.

I don’t know what is the relation. Some other people of this forum also have pudendal nerve problems. This test is an Electromyogram (EMG). It’s a very quick test done by neurologists.

I am wondering if the fibrosis and shrinkage I have are caused by the denervation itself.

Those of you who have shrinkage and numbness (or pain), if you can, please do this test (Electromyography -EMG- of the perineal area).


I don’t know if you already know, David Healy advised PSSD sufferers to take tests for small fibers, hypothesizing a peripheral neuropathy in the genitals.

This study also exists to support this hypothesis:

The tests Healy talks about are skin biopsy, corneal confocal microscopy and quantitative sensory testing.

I found a test called Laser Evoked Potentials, able to analyze small fibers.
If I have understood well, electromyography and (standard) evoked potentials analyze only the large nerve fibers.

An Italian neurology doctor whom I contacted, performs laser-evoked potentials also in the genital area. She said that you were not aware of the PSSD, and reading something in the literature confirmed that there is the hypothesis of involvement of small fibers and that laser-evoked potentials are able to highlight the functionality of small fibers. She said we can see the involvement of small and large fibers with two different tests. Then the technician explained to me the procedure:

  1. talked about electrodes placed on the head, hands, feet and genitals, while the laser works to analyze small nerve fibers. These are somatosensory evoked potentials. A little annoyance but no pain and no risk, she said.
  2. then she told me about the second exam, with tiny needles that are threaded under the skin of the head, and adhesive electrodes on the genitals, by sending electrical signals. This should be the electromyography of the perineal muscles.

These are recent information and we with PSSD have not yet done these tests.
You with PFS too could inform you in your countries to look for specialists who do Laser Evoked Potentials at the genital level.

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Hi @anacleta, do you have any contact information of David Healey?




Thanks, i wanted to ask that what is written down in your results? I mean, did doctors said anything to about treating this “denervation”? Is your results bad?

Should i and other here do this test too? I don’t know a lot about neuroscience…