Peptide (TVS167) Targeting of Mitochondria Elicits Testosterone Formation

Hello Guys, I want to report that I am doing great, but I still like having the mania of still reading about androgens, testosterone, leydig cells ect…, so I came back to post for your knowledge and maybe we can find some stuff to improve even further our general health…

Here is my finding topic:

Peptide Targeting of Mitochondria Elicits Testosterone Formation


Please stick around. We really appreciate your contributions to this lonely forum.

I am glad to hear you’re doing great.


Merched, I am here back to report that I am doing really well, no problem at all, really good overall health, my sexual health is amazing again, really good erection, really good libido, enjoying porn like never before, good mod, good mental health, zero stress anxiety and zero depression. extremely stable, not setback I came to the conclusion that I am recovered 100%. (Still waking up in the middle of the night but able to go back to sleep " But it is probably normal " ).

This is my opinion:
Guys this is reversible IF you take on own hand your own situation and FIGHT for it, NOW IF you are going to be seating doing absolutely nothing ( a seating duck waiting for a research that probably find something in 10 years and another 10 years to come to the conclusion to that maybe they have a treatment or maybe that they didn’t find anything conclusive) it is up to you guys.

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