penis's skin burning

i dn’t know why ,but it’s like 7 days that i’m feeling my penis’s skin burning so much,all the time and all the day . I’would like it was the DHT coming back in the right places,but it really hurts a lot…anyone has any answer or happened to him?


This happens to me usually after i masturbate. I don’t think it is the Dht coming back, but rather the lack of it, making the sking dry. When it starts burning i put some water based lubricant to act as moisture and the pain goes away.

I had this problem too. It was like a covering of scaly skin that became very dry, cracked and irritated.

I started taking Naltrexone in 4.5 mg doses before I went to bed every night as a treatment for my colitis and an unintended side effect of the drug was a cure for this condition. The skin started peeling and underneath everything underneath was totally normal.

I had this side effect of peeling, was it total peeling of all the skin or partial?

All the parts of the penis that were dry and irritated peeled off, so it was quite a significant area.

It is a huge help to see that there’s a reason for my symptoms. I’ve had very dry skin and it can be painful after having sex with my wife. I’m 29 years old and I’ve been taking 1mg/day doses of propecia for two months. The dryness started after about 2 weeks.

What are your experiences? The question is, when will the peeling and itching go away? Will my body normalize or will it continue as long as I take Propecia? I’ve tried lotions but nothing really helps. Are there any professional medical reviews you guys have read on this issue?

I have this kind of thing on my scrotum. The thing is like made of foil or something :S. Doesn’t feel like skin at all.

This forum is for guys that QUIT THE DRUG ALREADY. If you are still taking it, get off it and most likely things will be fine.

You are inhibiting 5AR2/DHT in 5AR2-dependant tissues (and to a lesser extend 5AR1 as well), so don’t expect anything to improve as long as you continue to ingest the medication. The dry skin is a result of this process.

If you read up on the role of androgens, such as DHT, in the role of sebum and oil production, and acne, you’ll see there is in fact a connection there… so when you inhibit DHT, you may experience the opposite.

Dude do yourself a favour and stop taking that stuff it is poison. Any symptoms you have are only going to get worse and you’re more than likely going to start seeing more symptoms the longer you stay on it.

The human body is not meant to exist in the unnatural state that propecia creates in you. Despite what the people pushing this drug would have you believe DHT is an absolutely vital hormone. Hairloss is a very small price to pay to be healthy, so shave your head and get on with your life. Fuck it dude you’re married anyway who are you trying to impress?

If you decide however that you are going to keep taking the drug then this is not the forum for you.

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jonvon, you may think hairloss is important to you now, but if you keep taking finasteride, trust me, it will be the least of your problems.

Italy - I started using Vitamin E oil on it every time I get out of the shower. It’s keeping it moist and it hasn’t burned since I started. I think it is also minimizing the wrinkle lines so keeping the skin healthier.

So that may be the cause of dry skin? I’ve heard some people have increasing acne…
I think I have both. I never had pimples on my face, but now I have them all the time. And I’ve always had a dry skin, so this is continuing: dry flaking white spots on the face.

Guys wtf, today i woke up and my penis head looks scabby, there is little white dead skin that falling off. And the beginning of the penis my skin changes color. It is pure white instead of little darker… wtf is happening to me? It looks wrinkled and dry.

My penis head feels like insensivitive due to a hard wrinkled surface… im freaking out, is this an infection? There is no burning, itching at all, no feeling. I researched all possible infections. And nothing matched to mine.

This is happening to me right now. Pulling back my foreskin reveals white splotches underneath which is my skin peeling off of my foreskin. The head of my penis is very dry as well, and pulling back my foreskin becomes harder since the skin is peeling and making my foreskin tighter causing phimosis.

It tends to get worse after many consecutive days of masturbation, even if I moisturize the head of my penis twice a day. I also noticed that my hair falls out very fast the more I masturbate (as it did before Fin). This absolutely has something to do with DHT, likely it is rushing throughout the body during masturbation and it is too sensitive to it.