Penis stays longer flaccid? Even in winter/cold.. Anyone?


Hey very weird question… I know most people here say their penis get smaller and shrink, however for me I have noticed my flaccid penis is actually staying longer and bit fuller? now I’ve quit Fin like 8 months ago, had some libido ED recently and all that… but FOR A FACT i know it’s very cold these days but my flaccid penis is definetely longer , doesn’t shrink like before to cold temp… and my pre-Fin penis gets much smaller in the cold

It’s just aethetics , I dont have any problems with it…But Is there any reason I should be concerned about this? Should I look for anything specific? Advice guys??


i have the same problem as u do too
i got it from using trazodone which is an alpha blocker
do u happen to use aplha blockers in the past?


Nope… I haven’t … I only used Fin for 4-5 mnonths and quit in Jan 2018… and I did smoke weed last year…Did you have any problems with it?? Did it resolve with time?


no,i have pssd due to trazodone, similar to pfs
the marijuana doesn’t do anything,its the propercia


Do you have any problems?? ED because of it?? or any other issues?? Did it get better with time?


i have many problems sexual and didn’t get better with time


Isn’t trazodone proerectile chemical?