Penis shrinkage

If the penis has already shrinked, is it possible it’s going back to normal after quitting? I have used finasteride for only a week and am confused: have i already lost my penis size hopelessly?

if u used it only 1 week you’ve great possibilities to recover soon .

“Normal” people should recover even if used it for long time .

Some particular people never recover from propecia usage .

…So ,only time will answer your question ,hope with positive results .

good luck .

I have seen it go away when I had my recovery experience.

I took propecia during 9 years

now, my penis is 50% larger 18 months after stopping propecia
but it is still curved

I was surprised because I forgot how big my dick was. now girls say:’ woah you have a big one’ and it’s never happened on propecia


donni, did size return gradually or more spontaneously? I ask because I’ve been of propecia 13 months after losing 1.25 in girth and .5 in length, with no recovery yet

No it was very gradualy
Maybe it is going still to increase during several months

on propecia, my penis was soft and had veins emergency
My penis was so fragile that I had my glans almost slit in the middle
now it is almost going. I am no more ashamed to show my dick to a girl

but only annoying thing is that my penis is still curved

You should eat Whey protein. It good for tissue and skin and muscle

Can you tell me about it? Was it 100% back to normal?

He looks long gone though.

Do you realize you are questioning members who have not been around for almost a decade!!?