Penis Shaft and Glans Insensitive and Dry

What’s up boys? First time poster and long time reader. Couple things first-

  1. I used propecia for approx. 8-9 months in 2009 also Zoloft 25mg for 6 months in 2011
  2. Was not aware of PFS at the time so did not relate any noticed symptoms to the drug (btw I can fuckin shoot myself for not reading up on this vile pill initially)
  3. I do not mean any disrespect to the people on this forum as I have much respect for you and the condition. If I’m thinking about me all the time with it that means I’m thinking about you guys as well. We are all part of this unfortunately. So forgive me if I don’t fill out that whole grid thing as my symptoms are a short list.
  4. Symptoms notice- mainly brain fog (cured) on its own or by diet/supps, depression and sleep but always had issues with that anyway
    preface- erections are mostly fine especially if I lay off the porn and semen seems fine to me in terms of appearance and quantity.
    but the main thing for me which is absolutely devastating is the subject of this post. Ive seen 3 urologist in NY and 2 of them were top guys all diagnosed me with insensitivity and no treatement or cure. Big surprise. I have not don’t any sophisticated sensory exams. the only thing was the needle and cotton thing they do and still charged me 400 bucks.
    anyway, it is only slightly sensitive on the sides and the bottom. the top has virtually nothing. And the head has nothing and is Pale and dead I would say. I can feel tempature and pin pricks in some areas. I remember when I could just manipulate the glans and cum just from that so I’m demoralized by this. i’m truly,truly depressed boys. I’m afraid I wont be able to maintain an erection unless I use meds which I really don’t want to. Plus we all deserve to have the penetration of a penis into a vagina feel like the greatest thing ever and it’s been taken away.
    So thanks to this forum I contacted Dr. Jacobs. Btw really great man really. He really wants to help and is a genius. It’s invaluable to have him in our corner.
    He checked out my blood work and he said my levels don’t coincide with PFS as all Testosterone total bio and free levels were a little high over the mark and everything else didn’t alarm him. These tests were take late 2013.
    So then I mentioned the theory of lack of dht and fucked up receptors and pretty much whatever I’ve read here and he said “I really don’t believe that is the case”. Ok, he’s the expert. So what gives? The starvation of receptors and nerves makes a lot of sense but he’s the expert so I must accept his answer right?
    I discussed the possibility if minipress and says we will keep that option on the table along with dopamine meds for increased sexuality. perhaps those will override my lack of sensitivity. He prescribed me Ativan 1mg twice a day and it’s helped a little but obviously didn’t give my sensitivity back which is all I want in the whole WORLD. I know there are guys here who are worse then me and I’m not trying to be an asshole but this has put my life on hold guys. I don’t go anywhere and barley see anybody. How am I supposed to explain this to a girl. WTF?!
    I know I threw out a lot but if anybody can offer help to me please please please boys. Anything. A hundred different causes are going through my head, pelvic floor therapy, prostate apatosis, etc. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. Totally suicidal over this. So please men. Help me out.
    Much love,


Yes, having a numb dick really does suck bad. What’s your libido like? Is climax reduced as well?

I think a lot of people, myself included, have cold dry looking glans. IMO they are all the result of damage to the structure of the dorsal nerve and yeah there is no treatment sadly which seems to work other than time for some.

If your dick is still in good enough shape to have sex then the best thing (the only thing really) to do is fake it to you make it and if your lucky you may regain some sensation in time.

Fuck this drug!

Thank u for the response man.
okay libido. that’s a tricky one as Dr. Jacobs was inquiring about that as well. I’m confused as to how to describe so here I go. Its def not the way it was when I was 13 or 18 where I had a crush on eeevvrybody. But that can be largely due to the depression and lack of self-esteem I suppose. But if I lay off the porn for a while and go back to it HELLO MR HAPPY. so is that an adequate marker of libido? Maybe I have that “brain on porn rewiring thing”. I always equated to libido not so much with erections but with that fire and passion feeling of seeing a girl and saying “I must have her”. It’s been a long time since that and don’t know if it’s depression because as I said I DID have it before the drug however I fear the drug as made it more permanent or I am over thinking it and its all in my head. Which is why Dr. Jacobs prescribed the Ativan.
As far as orgasm? I’ve tested many many times lol. And there is def a feeling of release when I cum just not earth shattering the way it used to be.
(So considering that I can get erections and feel orgasm I should feel lucky?)

im glad you mentioned the dorsal nerve as that was my very first thought about ALL of this. Like I said I can feel temp and pin pricks but not so much a ticklish tactile touch feeling. One uro said to try Cialis and is of the theory “the harder you are the more nerves will be activiated”. never tried PDE 5’s.
my junk isn’t called though at one point they may have been.
I’m dating this girl thatI used to know when I was a kid and we met again up after like 12 years and had our first date last week. I cant even enjoy taking her out as Im afraid of ALL THIS SHIT. And even if she IS ok with it (small chance) sex should not be an anxiety ridden chore dude ya know?
I feel like even if I took low dose Viagra like 12.5 mg my junk would have no problem responding but not really into that idea.

What do you mean exactly in terms of the dorsal nerve man?

there is nothing broke in your body. Everything return to normal with arimidex, 0.25mg each 3-4 days in a couple of weeks, but is temporary and the effects fade away.

The only think that is helping me, is water fast. I have tried too many drugs and nothing than a temporary recovery.

Why wont you try CDnuts protocol>

Thank you for your input sir.
I am unfamiliar with CD nuts protocol and can not seem to find it on the forum at all.

Just as a side note. Armidex deals with reducing estrogen correct? Im not really sure I need that because all my levels have been taken by one doctor and examined by Dr, Jacobs. All but Estradio was taken which was weird because I requested it.
Is it possible that total estrogen and estrone could be perfect and Estradiol could be high contributing to the insensitivity?

I have tried to look for CD nuts protocol as I am not familiar with it, however can not find it at all.

PS…thoughts on zinc piconalte (spelling). Just bought some and was hope it would help my balls be healthy and produce more cum.
But I am scared of 5AR2 inhibitors.
Is zinc safe enough? please thank you

How long have you been suffering? You stopped it in 2009, when did you realize you had this insensitivity issue?

that’s the thing I can’t ascertain that. Like I said much of what I was feeling in terms of symptoms I didn’t attribute to finfuckinasteride.
As long as I was able to masturbate and orgasm to porn I thought “everything works so everything is fine”. Especially when I was on Zoloft 25mg.
it wasn’t until I had unprotected sex that I was like “What the fuck?! I don’t feel anything at all”. It was the worst night of my life guys bar none. that was summer 2012. so Ive been utterly consumed with this since then. almost 2 years of pure despair.

I guess what now? be glad I can get an erection but will probably need pde5’s and have sex not for me but to satisfy my “future girlfriend”? God damn that is grim. I will never know what that feeling is again and THAT kills me.
if you’re a guy on this forum with a wife or girlfriend who stayed and still loves you god bless ya brother.
because honestly, I don’t see that in my future whatsoever.
man, I even cried the other day when it got the better of me.
anyway, doesn’t change anything. but thanks for listening

and also what’s the deal with Zinc fellas?
I have zinc pic 25mg and am tempted to use it but am afraid of all 5AR inhibitors.
I know it’s been discussed on here with no clear answer. it’s like I wanna hang onto whatever little sensitivity I have and wouldn’t want to lose it by taking Zinc however I feel it could help.
Any thoughts???

How are you doing these days man? I have all the same symptoms as you


I didn’t see this until now

Nothings changed if anything slightly suede over time
How are you?

All symptoms the same, can get erections fine but still have dry skin, and no pleasure from sex or masturbation. There’s minor fluctuations but it never feels normal

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Sorry man…idk how to fix this one Or what would help

The dryness just makes me think the oil glands are dried up because I remember as a teenager it’s be all sweaty and kinda oily down there if I I needed to shower. That’s been gone a long time
That area relies heavily on dht and we starved it of that smfh

Everything else idk if it’s damage to the brain or nerves.
I keep hoping that stem cell might be able to do something if it’s nerves.
If it’s brain damage then idk
There has to be something right?