Penis pain and painful urination


Hi all,

I stopped taking propecia for 1 year. Recently, I found that I have penis pain and pain urination. It troubles me a lot (much than my knees pain suffered!)

  1. Penis pain - pain in the whole tissue of the penis, especially after urination, it lasts for at least around half of hour.

  2. Painful urination - I feel pain and hot during the whole urination, especially at the start and the end of urination.

  3. Frequent urination and slow speed - the speed of urination becomes more slower and I have more pees. Frequent urination is not quite serious at this moment.

  4. I don’t have secretion and pus at the penis and no blood urine at this moment.

I don’t have sex for nearly five years. I don’t think the pain was inflected by sex. However, I always masturbate, around 2 times per week.

I consulted doctor and he gave me a prescription of Levofloxacin for THREE days. I suspect this antibiotic treatment is too short (usually for at least 7 days??). I know the side effect of this antibiotic and want try another moderate antibiotic drug. Can anyone suggest what should I do at this moment to combat this pain? Thank you!