penis numbness, loss of girth

I’ll start out the same as everyone else. I’m scared to death. The skin along the entire length of my penis is numb. My flacid penis is cold, small, and the skin feels rubbery. I stole the rubbery adjective, but that describes it pretty well. I used to measure girth by the cardboard roll inside of toilet paper. This just barely fit over my erect penis and was a good guage of girth. I tried this now after I stopped finasteride because things looked smaller. Sure enough, it fits very loosely with room to spare. I’m afraid to measure it.

Has anyone ever had success with regaining size or having the numbness go away? I took finasteride for about 2 months. My girlfriend broke up with me.


I took out a line from last post.

Pls post your Member Story using the template at top of Members Story section so we can get acquainted with your history with the drug.

Regarding loss of size, this seems to be a common symptom that occurs a few weeks after quitting Fin (the “crash”).

Suggest you get bloodwork per list at top of Hormones & bloodtests section. If if turns out you have low Total/Free Testosterone, you’ll have a good answer as to why (loss of androgens can lead to penile shrinkage).

I also would like to add that I stopped fin about 17 days ago and I have noticed absolutely no improvement or changes. Someone mentioned that if you don’t notice anything in about 10 days it looks like trouble, other’s have said that it took months or years and they’re finally getting a little improvement. I’ve heard everything from broccoli to whey protein to ghb suggested on this forum, and heard of some improvements regarding erections, etc. But I’ve heard of no report the numbness going away.

Has anyone seen the numbness improve? Even a lie would be appreciated. lol

Thank you for your reply. Our last posts must have gone up around the same time, because I hadn’t seen any reply before I put that last one up. I’ll take your advice, and try to get my story up where you suggested.

Thanks again.

In my case, I still have numb penile and scrotal tissue (exact tissues where 5AR2 is located and local T->DHT conversion was inhibited by Finasteride) 4 years off the drug. No major improvement in this area, still feels like rubber. Unknown if androgen replacement (T/DHT) would improve things.

dremel,just wait for now,since u are out from little time and se what happens,don’t stress for now looking down there every moment…go out and don’t think for now,if this situation lasts than you will have time to worry about … this is what i 'd do .

Mew, I’m sorry to hear your report that the numbness has remained. And Italy, thank you for your suggesstion. I’ll go to the gym. I’ve read that exercise may help. It seems make sense at least as a way of stimulating overall blood flow and processing this stuff out of my system. And getting my mind off it can’t hurt.

yes try it,maybe a supplement boosting testo could help too… … 3491#13491

Thanks so much for posting a reply. I really needed to hear from at least one person who has seen some improvement. I’m going thru a pretty devastating “blow off” from a “girlfriend” right now. I used to be fairly sexually active, and then stopped dating about 14 yrs ago. I just kind of gave up, a lot due to depression from bi-polar disorder, and very low sexual self esteem, mostly due to size issues. Now to have this poison decrease my size even further and destroy all sensation there is pretty devastating. This “girlfriend” was my first sexual experience in over a decade. Her response to my inability to get erect was “it could be a problem”. Pretty honest response, but I didn’t think she would end the relationship. She did. She claims it’s because of the distance we live apart (about 70 miles - we’ve driven to meet halfway on weekends), but I asked her if I lived a mile away would she still be breaking up with me? She deftly avoided this question. She is a really nice person and I hold no ill will towards her.

Now I’m in a very severe depression again. I’m doing my best not to withdraw and I am trying to be proactive, but I am finding this difficult. But thanks again for the story. Do you really feel an improvement in the numbness and size? That would be great to know at least one person has.


Has anyone with penis and scrotum numbness, rubbery penis, loss of size or girth had any real recovery? What scares me is the actual tissue change, the rubberiness. The cells seem dead or changed in their actual nature.

I searched all the recovery stories and have seen things like “better erections” or “better libido” but nothing about recovery in the actual physical tissue damage that I mentioned. Anything barely close to it used words like “seems better” or “maybe”.

I’ve seen zero improvement. I’m actually getting worse as far as the above symptoms are concerned.


Already replied to this topic… if you have hypogonadal levels of Total, Free Testosterone or DHT, increasing androgen levels would hopefully reverse the problems.

If you are looking for scientific reasons as to WHY this may be occuring, I can post some links…


This is a good summary and easy to read:

“Overview of Contemporary Penile Rehabilitation Therapies” … id=2531200

Apologies if this has already been posted.

Do testicles ache with return of hormones, or is this just a further stage in their being slaughtered?

For a few weeks I’ve had waves of sick feelings there, almost like nausea, but not in my stomach - in the testicles. Now they are starting to ache. What made me think it may be a return of some hormones, i.e. possibly a good thing, is that I’ve experienced a couple of on-off days of return of some libido. Not very strong, and only lasting maybe fifteen minutes.

Any similar experiences? I’ve seen a couple of posts mentioning pain in the testes, but not really tied into anything in particular.

Hi im new here…but I also got full numbess and my penis also felt like rubber for months… it was like this… I had numbness and it felt like rubber for like 2-3 months then all of a sudden from nowhere I got full feeling back in my penis but it only lasted like 1-2 Days or so…then BANG penis Went numb again for months…then from nowhere again I got full sensation back and I mean I recovered 100% down there and my libido was high as hell…I turned on the tv and I saw some Girls fully clothed and my penis got instantly hard…just crazy…anyway it took a year for my penis to start to stabilize I havent had any change down there now for soon a year…my body has stopped trying to get back to normal…penis is at least not rubbery anymore and it does have pretty decent sensation and sensitivty but not as it was Before I took the drug…still not bad…but I cant to this day ever feel horny…I can feel the urge to masturbate and to have sex but cant feel that horny feeling down there at all… =/ also want to mention when my penis Went numb my nipples also got numb so did my anus…couldnt feel shit when wiping my own ass…my nipples as of today has not returned in sensation and sensitivty I used to have very sensitive nipples and good sensation but oh well…just wanna add that I took saw palmetto on and off for 3 months never propecia…

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Is it possible to have links?

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Has anyone experienced full recovery of girth and both flaccid/erected size of the penis? We heard many temporary recoveries and many said they experienced 100% recoveries of the symptoms. So, temporary ones included in my question.

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Mew, i too have great fears about this size loss. I keep getting worse and my erections are not that hard anymore. And they appear thinner than before. Maybe even there is a lenght loss.

I only read just a few pre-pfs like full recoveries on this section. So… do you really think that there is a 100% reversal and recovert to pre-pfs size and girth of the penis?

Why don’t you measure yourself? You’ll know if there are any changes then.