Penile Atrophy - fixable someday?

Who else has complete wastage of their penis? It’s just like the area is completely dead. Is this even theoretically reversible? I try really hard to stay productive in regards to this issue but sometimes I struggle to maintain the idea that this specific issue (penile wastage) is fixable

I don’t think so just based on my own experience, mine feels completely hollow and dead, my corpus spongiosum/cavernosum is completely gone it’s the strangest fucking thing, literally nothing has worked to restore it in the slightest not even TRT…

Well the body’s system might need to be corrected before it can accept TRT to do anything

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In rats it’s possible but it’s not been done in humans yet. Hopefully one day.

Guys like @Toughluck24 and @Cormega1 have had temporary recoveries in which genitals grew back so I don’t see why it’s not reversible.


It’s a switch that goes on. Been activated with a few different things over this years. Joints re-lubricate, penis swells up and libido is sky high. Hair becomes oily. Dopamine rushing. It’s truly a mystifying experience


did this switch happen to you? Did those characteristics you mentioned return to normal for you?

Yes happened to me three times over a decade. Only lasted 24 hrs or less all times

I tried testogen and after 2 weeks my balls feel bigger, im getting firmer
erections and my scrotum is less tight.

Testogen has 3 different ingriedients Togkat ali, Thai ginseng and butea superba.
My head has started feeling itchy, it has improved my constipation problem.

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Just be careful…supps have made things worse for some
Keep posting
Good luck

Yes. People in this thread have already said that supps or just time can heal you, but there is some medical stuff you can do too: PRP shots and shockwave therapy. My doctor said that PRP shots last a few months and shockwave therapy can last a couple years.

I’ll also mention in interesting mouse study that weighed the penises of neutered mice. Predictably, they had lighter/smaller penises but then they were put on TRT and their penises regained mass. I know mice are very different from humans but if you couple this study with the anecdotes of people recovering their size/functionality, then i’d say that im fairly confident that penile atrophy is reversible.


I remain optimistic that this could reverse once androgen signalling is restored, just like it could with any other muscle of the body.


I hope so much that there are possibilities in the future!

The sexual dysfunction is the most sensible aspect of the healing process. As to research the younger ones can hope for a change in medicine to help people with gene therapy and tissue reconstruction. And a total stringent control of the pharma cartels, by making lobby influencing a criminal act like witnesses influencing.

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I was hesitant getting involved with prp or shockwave because I was afraid it’s snake oil OR didn’t work for us

But there just isn’t enough of that talked about on here for it to seem ok

Anybody know of anyone?

PRP seems like snake oil to me. Allegedly lasts up to 18 months but my doc said it’s more like 4-6.
Shockwave therapy to my knowledge is well-supported by evidence but idk if it works for us. If you have normal libido but lowsy erection quality then I’d say you’re a great candidate for it. If not but your insurance will cover it then you might as well give it a shot anyway.

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I think you’re right about the libido being ok but EQ problems and being a good candidate for shockwave

Yeah, it would imply that your problem is just vascular abnormality or some other physical penile damage rather than something to do with hormones or androgen receptors.

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Is it a bad idea to try trt when I have normal test around 600-700? I’m guessing it can suppress my normal test