Pelvic Floor Muscle Problems and Hormones?

Hey all, i wonder what is the relation between hormones and pelvic floor muscles. If anyone knows a logical theory about this relation i would be glad to hear that. Here is what i realized these days, please send a message or comment if you feel this symptoms too.

  • When i get full erections, i realized there is still a loss of stability and firmness down under my penis. Its like the penis is full but the pelvic floor muscles who hold the penis down there seems to be loose. So, its not generally rock solid, i think there is a muscle problem. Its like a loosened “joystick” instead of a normal rigid and stiff stick…
    Also, i also have premature ejaculation, which i think because of this same muscle problem. It feels like my muscles are so loose that it tilts the prostate faster to ejaculation somehow…

  • In this winter i started to squeeze my inner and gluteus maximus (butt area) muscles in order to pass a gas! I mean i can only pass a gas when i put an effort in it. Its crazy weird! This is also somehow related to pelvic floor or similar muscles.

  • Hourglass flaccid penis: While holding your poop or before going to take a piss. My penis gets shrinked in the middle part creates an hourglass like curve.

So, my question is, what is the possible outcome of this? We know that this drugs can cause so much harm, even many people reported facial changes but what we can say about 5AR inhibition and pelvic floor disability? does these muscles need healthy hormone levels to properly function? I know these discussions about pelvic floor made in the past here.


Same with the passing gas
Exact same thing

It’s sounds silly but it’s real :man_facepalming:t2:
Muscles are definitely messed up down there

Probably too tight for a long time and now I have sharp pain down there on and off but more consistent than ever

I too have similar problems.