PEA(5ar1, neurosteroids)

what’s up, you people may know that 5ar-1 is the main subtype in brain areas related to sexual development like mPoa

turns out this widely available supplement upregulates it by 97% even at very low dose

as well as increasing Allo/DHP and other neurosteroids

"Importantly, a single PEA EC50
dose normalized the expression of these proteins to the levels quantified in GH-control mice (PPAR-α: +109%, p<0.01; StAR: +339%, p<0.001; CYP11A1: +81%, p<0.01; 5α-RI: +97%,

This study provides novel neurobiological evidence that stimulation of PPAR-α by PEA induces the corticolimbic biosynthesis of Allo, an effect that is directly associated with the improvement of a PTSD-like phenotype in SI mice. Specifically, PEA reduced the expression of conditioned contextual fear, and facilitated extinction and extinction retention (Fig. 1). PEA also induced anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects in SI mice. Furthermore, the behavioral effects of PEA in SI mice related to normalization of down-regulated levels of Allo in hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex and the olfactory bulb. PEA also elevated Allo-S in the hippocampus"

and it seems like nobody has tried yet…

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Absolutely fantastic. Well done VinnyG. Shall try to locate this as isotretinoin largely influences 5ar1.

Apparently it is found in egg yolk though, which I have tried plenty of.

But people have tried it. Worth revisiting though.

Thread was made by OP in 2012 and in 2018 reported very little progress.

it’s on my to try list now. especially relevant for PAS

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Thank you.

The only formulation in my country seems to have it combined with daidzein and geinstein. Both these substances inhibit the FAAH enzyme that breaks down PEA. So it would seem you would have a stronger effect if you tried PEA combined with the above supplements or foods containing them.

Any update? So I just got some AOR brand P.E.A. in the mail and I am about to take it lmao

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if you really can’t get selegiline try this

i remember it did something when i tried a while back

Not sure how you’re mixing up palmitoylethanolamide with phenethylamine since you’re the topic maker, VinnyG.

A few weeks ago I took 1600 mg of palmitoylethanolamide at night. Got really sleepy and calm a few hours later. Went to bed but woke up after 2 hours of sleep and couldn’t go back to sleep then got super horny but also was worried about my sleep. Not sure if I want to try again at a higher or lower dose.

Seems to work well temporarily for joint pain relief.

Pero esto parece para el dolor lumbar y de ciática