Pattern of fatigue

I’ve noticed that my fatigue tends to be at its worst in the early part of the day - usually peaking about 90 minutes after waking then slowly beginning to decline from about 2pm onwards, particularly as I become more hydrated. Those of you who suffer with fatigue, how does it manifest for you?

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Mine is the same. Wake up feeling exhausted and then start to wake up a bit but crash again in the morning and don’t really feel wired and wake until the evening

Is your urine always foamy and bubbly? No matter how hydrated you are

It’s strange ain’t it. Do you think it’s cortisol related? I haven’t noticed that mate. Although my levels of hydration are strongly correlated with the level of fatigue. It isn’t until I’ve had at least 3 pints of water - consumed at a slow pace - that I begin to feel more alive.

Sleep apnea? Have a sleep test…

Does chronic fatigue improve over time? I’m mostly wrecked by chronik fatigue on PFS, sexual sides are nothing in comparison how fatigue impacts my daily life.



So am I.
It’s worse if you’re tired.

I’m too tired to sleep.
Especially if you wake up at dawn, that day will be hell. I’m not used to getting any sleep in the morning.

I have the opposite,cant get tired, and when I manage to sleep i only get 2 hours of sleep.