Patient Spotlights - So many PSSD sufferes showing up in public now

Please, put the injection syringe away only some minutes a day and help to rise awarness and to support Moral Medicine, the Latrogenic fundrising and the initiative chat, to find a real solution for all of us and to warn inocent young people not to throw their lives away for pharma profit products.

Please, I’m the second oldest here and I’ve the dream that once this pharma scandal is out of repression and concealment through medical mainstream, pharma fees paid control agencies and medial desinterest and that there real and serious treatments are developed. (It’s real, I have protect myself with a lawyer against HCG Ultras, that can’t be the truth of our fight!)

But you can’t develope a cure without knowing the mechanism. Try and error with the ultimative wonder drug is a kind of shamanism, voodoo, desperation and profit for the Voodoo priests. A snake bite can be healed with an anti agent, not with a voodoo cult.

The young ones have to fight for their future!


Great post! More and more people are showing up to fight in the PSSD community, which should inspire our community to do the same. I believe a cure is possible, but it’s gonna require a fight. We can and will get there, but we need to come together.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in being featured on Moral Medicine.


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