PAST Wales Charity - SSRI Sexual Side Effects

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all staying safe.

PAST Wales was running a survey about sexual side effects of antidepressants - it is reopened and you can still submit your own experiences: They are also interested in spreading awareness of PSSD and creating an online support group. You can report your PSSD story by writing to Sara : - my story was published on their website and social media. Let’s increase awareness of this iatrogenic harm !



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Thanks. Not only should post-drug patients take our survey, and report their side effects to national regulatory bodies, but they should also consider putting-forth the time to report to these watchdog groups who may speak on behalf of patients.

In the time it takes to watch a movie, a person could have done all 3!

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That’s true. Making the most of regulators, politicians (I have been in contact with my MP in the UK) and non-profit organisations is vital - more awareness.

Especially abroad. I can imagine a lot of middle-aged people with persistent side effects from countries like Poland (where I was born) who don’t speak English at all, don’t visit website like because they only google search in their native language or listen to doctor’s advise, which is: “stop checking your sympotms on the internet! There is no evidence for it!”.

Therefore, reporting your condition to organisations mentioned above in your own country will increase the chances that non-english speaking sufferers will learn about these harms that brought us all here, and report them themselves.

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