Part Recovery story



It took me really much courage to visit this site after such long time but it was the only thing I had in my worst days (recovery Stories etc.) I’m going to give you guys a little and short update after five years. I’m not going to fill out the template and I’m not going to answer all questions because I don’t want to get involved too much again after such hard work. I don’t even want to look at my old user name :slight_smile: Please understand it was really traumatic for me. I’m only here to tell you there is hope and what I’ve done to come this far.

Please excuse me my mother tongue isn’t englisch.
I took Proscar 5 Years ago (not too much but it left me with a crash).
First of all. Thank you guys for trying everything to get healthy again. Some user stories gave me the courage to fight when I had to do it the most.

Some little advice: I’d stay away from further drugs and don’t do any TRT also if the times are really hard because you think you can’t do anything about your condition. Do anything to prevent further damage on your soul body & mind. Stay positive. After a while I also decided to stop visiting this site to look for treatment. Visiting this site to often wasn’t a good way to deal with depression for me. It’s difficult to think I’m more healthy each day but it’s better. Don’t waste too much time searching for a magic drug because there simply isn’t.

All symptoms are healed to a certain level by now that included a lot. I can masturbate once or twice a day, my sperm count increased, my energy levels increased, depression is better, my posture and body condition is better all over, floaters are gone, dark eye rings are mostly gone, I’m feeling emotions again. I not there yet to write all down here that I had to really suffer. I want to leave this awful stuff behind and hopefully some time start all over again. I should be thankful that I got to a better health condition or got so far by now. Sure it will still take some time but I think it’s possible to improve even more. My worst times are gone and I hope it will stay this way and improve more and more with time. By the way. I was able to have sex a few times with a women I had to trust really really much. I must say it was joyful to a certain degree but I still need time to improve to a better level. That means that I’m 100% sure I’m healed and don’t have to suffer any anxiety during sex or before. What bothers me the most is that I’m still suffering with libido. I can see a women as a beautiful women again but my libido still has to heal. I don’t really think about sex a lot with very few little surprises now and then. I’m able to masturbate now and I was able to have sex. I think I feel my libido the most while doing it. There is a certain point of joy with it. Maybe it’s still trauma that is bothering me the most. I really don’t know but I think time will improve this condition as well like the others did. It’s possible (maybe important functions before the others). Hopefully some day I’m at a point where I function a 100% again and I’m not afraid to live my life to a fullest.

What I did to heal over the last 5 years:

  • Osteopathy
  • Bioresonance therapy
  • Spiritual Healer
  • Lately: Spring Dragon Longevity Tea


  • Q10 with vitamins (maybe this was my magic drug) no sadly there simply isn’t. But it helped me with my energy levels in the beginning. It can help with body fat too.

It took me two years time to improve my energy levels. Most important for me was to stop visiting this site and focus on all except my problems. Deal with this depression first until you reach a level of enjoying your life to a certain degree. This really helps. I only was able to work on my overall health conditions from now on. Depression makes you tired and doesn’t help healing at all I think. I only was able to start enjoying the company of other people from now on again and I started with gym again. I also was able to shower again with other people. I think some overall problems from the beginning were gone. It really is a up and down I think. I can’t remember being stable for a longer period. I also tried to eat really healthy. It really helped me with my overall condition. This included a lot of fruits dark bread etc. It was a try and go. I think you guys must find out what works the best for you. As advice: Just stay away from drugs and stuff that damages your organs and body further. Search for healthy foods and stuff that deals with depression as well. It took me two years to function again (do sports etc.). I’m even visiting a boulder lounge by now and started with MTB. I’m now at a point where I’m improving my health overall. Guys please stop thinking of your problems on a daily basis. This makes your mind sick after a while. Focus your energy on I’m going to be healthy each day and then work on your condition. Also find things that you love doing. Get your mind and vibrations right first.

I had some little crashes on the way but my biggest two lately. Not to compare with the one I had at the start but I think I’m on the right way to improve even further. Also stay away from alcohol. I’m now working on loving myself again. Think this will take a long time but will probably improve my health even further. Wish me good luck.

I’ll hang around here sometime again and keep you up to date if I had big progress again. Hope you guys will get well. And thanks for the recovery stories and specially thanks for the member Chii I think. This guys really kept me going at the start where I needed it so much. Good luck.
Hope I didn’t offend anyone and I’m really sorry if somebody is taking an other approach or took one. The body is really vulnerable and I hope you didn’t damage it even further searching for anything that can help. This is what helped me the most. Hope you are on the right way to get healthy again.

Love Shifty


Hi there Shifty,

Thanks so much for coming back and updating, especially when this place can be associated with such an unhappy time. Stories such as yours are precious for guys here, especially those who are currently at their worst. It shows that things can get better, even if things aren’t 100%. Wishing you continued improvements and happiness.