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It has been a while since I’ve posted but I visit everyday because this is the best tool we have. I’ll try to keep this pithy but informative. My main issue is insomina and most of what I’ve tried is to try and fix that. I still have some erections issues but they have gotten better. Let’s go:

Positive experience** with
Tongkat Ali (Source Naturals)
Mag. Glycinate (BlueBonnet)
Triple Boron ( BlueBonnet)
I stacked these three to try and bring down my SHBG which was around 78 the first time I tested which was about 6 months after I crashed. The second blood test I got showed a TT ( total testosterone) drop from 889 (Oct. 2018) to 875 (Dec. 2018) but a SHBG drop from around 78 to 51. I don"t know if it was the combo or just one of the supplements. I had a third blood test back in March 2019) and my TT dropped from 875 to 710 but my shbg agan dropped to 47.1 and that was without the Tongkat. I have just recently started the Tongkat again. Anyway, my free T went from like 1.22 to about 1.4 to about 1.65% last time I tested. I’m encouged by that.
Low dose Prozac, approx. 0.2-0.5 mg. Microdosing. The first time i took the plunge and tried this about 45 min. I felt like I was hit by a tranquilizer dart. This effect wore off and I have tried two more times since then but didn’t get the same feeling. However, It was about that time that my hypnic jerks and muscle twitches that were part of my insomnia disapated and had essentially vanished. Never affected my libido or erections.
Supplements with negative affects:
Tribulus Mediherb, 40% protodioscin. I’ll start out by stating I tried the protodioscin again. The first time I took 1 tablet and lost all of my erectile gains. I really was taking it because I read it increased cranial 5ar. Ssleep is still my main issue or at least was until I took a quarter of the same Mediherb tablet 3 days ago. Before I took it I had been at about 85-90% of erection basline for the last two months or so. This time I took it for the neural affetcs as well being convinced by a study I read about protodioscin increasing dht, test, etc. The study was done in 2016. So I took a quarter of a tablet and same result just not as extreme. I have had many set backs that I have recovered from that I will explain shortly so I know I’ll recover from this one. Just a word of caution. I had a good experience with asparagus but maybe it was just a coincidence.
5-htp- lost my erection gains after a week on this, 50 -100mg at night for sleep
Stevia leaf extract - an endocrine disruptor. I starting eating lots of the Triple Zero yogurt which has stevia extract as a nuatral sweetner. After about a week i noticed erection were weaker. Did some googling an Stevia is an endoccrine disruptor
Ashwaghanda, Life externsion brand - again after about a week of using this for sleep I noticed weaker erections. Ashwaghanda can induce abortions and some classify as an endocrine disruptor.

Orgasms- fantastic
Erections- were pretty good, not like before but def. had improved. I was getting morning wood consistently until I quit the Xanax. I havn’t gotten morning wood since I quit Xanax back in Feb. of '19. except for a recent two week stint four weeks ago. Even though I hadn’t been getting morning erections my sexual function was still good to great, not perfect but great. I quit because it was augmenting depressive symptoms ( which has also improved) and I was building a tolerance to it. I had taken 0.5-1 mg for sleep for about 9 months.

About four weeks ago I had a two week period where I sleeping without any supplements ( about 6 hrs or so) and I was getting weak morning wood but now my sleep has gotten worse again.
I had all the shrinkage and numbness issues but that did reverse, although I’m getting a bit of shrinkage now because of that Mediherb.

Hope this helps,
I’m throwing out that Mediherb when I get home.
Hope I wrote down all my thoughts

Oh yeah, I do remember getting a blood test done on Nov. of 2017. It was a free test offered by a fertility clinic. I only got tested because of arrogance. I wanted these people to see what a true alpha male looked like under the microscope. I was convinced they would hang my results on the wall because the results would reveal perfection (remember that feeling?). I didn’t see the results per se so I don’t know if the MD lied to me to get me on TRT but she said my result was 421, I believe. I’m assuming that was TT but I functioned perfectly. I don’t know any other results. No telling what my shbg was. 6 months after my crash my TT was 889. It could have been over 1000 after the crash. Maybe the that kind of surge damaged the HPTA, similar to AAS use?

Also the brain fog, head pressure, ect. has disapeared I believe about the time I tried the low dose prozac. I read one guy’s description where he stated he couldn’t look up and had to keep looking down at the floor. That described me perfectly. It was awful. It was, dare I say, painful to look people in the eyes. I would try but the head pressure was too much.

Endgame, April 26, can’t wait!!!

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My T ~doubled after crashing from 700 to 1100. I wonder the same.



I’d love to know more about this experience. I sorta believe the head pressure and eye issues could be related to serotonin. There a whole group of MDMA abusers with the EXACT systems. They call it Long Term Comedown (LTC) instead of PFS, but it’s the same symtoms. I have the head pressure bad and when I step outside it feels strange like my eyes can’t process, did you feel the same? Also, did you ever get a spinal tap to check your CSF pressure to make sure you didn’t have elevated ICP? I’d love to hear more about these specific side effects If you could elaborate.Myself and @Dknighten both have these issues as well and we are struggling for help. Thanks so much in advance



You say orgasms are fantastic. Were you at a point where you weren’t feeling anything during ejaculation? All my symptoms fluctuate except for this one. On a scale from 0-10 mine are usually 0-1.5. Also what dose of magnesium and boron do you take and at what time of day?

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I believe that tongkat contributed to my first recovery as well, until i crashed.
And somehow after mediherb I lost even more sensitivity. and no much positive results.