Overview at Baylor On PFS..Precusor to Epigenetic Study?


Just ran across this forgive if its been posted before…



i can’t wait till this study is published, and i hope to God its not compromised


Same here brother, gotta stay realistic and know it probably won’t 100% explain everything but hopefully it can lead to some kind of therapeutic relief


Why does this look like it was made by a high schools student? Lol. Really hoping for some answers…can’t take not knowing any more.


Haha, it really does, looks like a power point presentation made in the early 2000s


was expecting some wordart to cascade over the screen :joy:


How the hell placebo group be able to decrease their semen volume? This is just bullshit. The mind is a powerful thing, but i don’t think anyone in the world can lower his ejaculation volume just by thinking it has to be lowered due to some substance.

This is ridiculous… I don’t buy this bias. They try to overcome the complex situation of us and our problems with this tactic


yeah i think so too. its really ridiculous. @Cooper are you living in germany ?


Nope. Turkey.


ah okay. yeah , i hope baylor will be useful. and not another senseless study that wanna prove its all in our head. the funniest thing is that no study mentioned the crash. but the crash after cessation of the drug is the starting of problems for many guys. its really a shame


I’m afraid of the same thing. Or that it will only say that an epigenetic change has taken place, which we already know. I want treatment options! If there are any. This is torture.