Overall gut health - a way out of PFS I Discussion thread

As many of you may already know, there haave been several attempts to cure pfs by very diverse means: Horomones, ayahuasca trips, some herbs, progesterone treatment, - you name it- but I think the safest bet out of this might be related with the gut.

There has been some users who have recovered, specially on the cognitive side of things, by trying to target the gut as the source of the main culprit causing all the endocrine disbiosis which is PFS. You have successful users like Chi and even BrongFog boy who had a fecal matter trasnplant as an example.
Other key component to this theory is the fact that most autoinmune cells are located in the gut alongside the overall serotonin production in the body.
Going deeper into this idea, what about bacteria?

As some of you may already know, there’s a wide array of bacteria in our bodies that can be as harmfull as mustard gas or as benefitial as the water pouring out of the holy grail.
Candida albicans as a well known bacteria that thrives in todays world affecting areas such as thyroid,inmune,gut and even cognitive function - loads of studies relating a candida overgrowth in relation with bipolarity and schizophrenia.

On the good side of this little fellas we have some super man like bacteria , Lactobacilus Reuteri is a good example. This friend of ours has shown to work as an androgen booster of some sorts, why is this? Let’s just say it does things like increase sperm motility, increase muscle mass, incerase testicular size and weight, promote the hypothalamus-pituiary-testis axis and enchance the production of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone levels.
There are more bacterias out there like this bad boy over here.

There are also cases of people curing or managing to a great degree bipolar disorders with simple things such as coffee enemas.

I want this treat to be only related with gut fixing in regards of pfs


We need a “gut protocol” for folks to try.

I have one I’m going to try but maybe there’s other protocols. My GI doc is somewhat on board as well:

  1. VSL 3 probiotics which may be the strongest probiotics you can buy

  2. Kimchi

  3. Bone both and possibly some other items from this pubmed publication

“Microbiome restoration diet improves digestion, cognition and physical and emotional wellbeing”

If this doesn’t help after a month, my GI doc said he’s going to give me antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria then I’ll try the protocol again


Whenever I hear people start the conversation about curing PFS by curing the gut, I liken it to someone making that noise a fax machine makes in an attempt to send a random fax over a phone line. But the noise is just a byproduct of a fax being sent. I have to be honest… I’m no doctor but in my mind, gut problems are a by product of all the other damage PFS has done.


@Shellnyce, I don’t think you have done enough research into the gut to think that. While the gut remains poorly understood, as @Wetaka points out, medical science is only really beginning to get to grips with just how important it is to a diverse range of problems, including mental health, cognitive function and hormonal balance.

It is notable that among the many varied recovery stories, very few (I cannot think of any, though I am sure they are out there) do not have some sort of element related to gut health.


@Shellnyce you should seek out Chi’s recovery post if you haven’t read it before.

I am not allowed to post a link (and it would be removed if I did) because of the unfortunate tribalism that some people in the PFS community are committed to.


@droit Is very bullish on gut issues being a central problem in PFS.

I’m pretty sure the gut has a role to play in PFS as well, but I have tried a quite a number of different approaches, and none of them seemed to have made much of a difference, and some of them made me worse.

  • VSL3 / Prescript assist – gave me constipation and anxiety. Constipation hasn’t resolved after 7 years
  • Alinia, paramomycin, tindamax, septra against fungal infection (or some other infection) – Got rid of blastocystis, but made no difference in PFS
  • Saccharomyces Boulardii – used this to improve gut flora after taking antifungals. Didn’t notice anything particularly positive or negative while I was on this.
  • SCD diet – made no difference
  • Paleo / low carb – no difference
  • vegan diet – no difference
  • Abstaining from sugar, alcohol, and caffeine (for several months or years) – didn’t seem to make a difference

I’ve tested for SIBO, leaky gut and parasites, and the results were negative apart from the blastocystis (that I later got rid of).

The only meaningful gut intervention I’ve done is water fasting. Both short term and long term (10 days) have been helpful.


For what it’s worth, I’ve substantially cut down carbs, eat mostly proteins and green vegetables, avoid all added sugar, curtailed fruits, and eat about a pound of Kimchi per day. Memory and mood seem better, with a bit more energy, and the occasional morning wood. It’s an improvement, but nothing substantial. I’m going to continue with it, as I heard it can take 90 days or more for gut bacteria to improve.


Nice work !

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Yo that passive agressiveness is worthy of a psychotic menopausal lady - having pfs sure is one hell of a ride, but don’t make it worse for others by being this passive agressive.

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You are right. But still try to be useful. Make the survey as I assume you got more than 3 months of symptoms since your subscription. After that you could always keep writing tones of threads with whatever comes to your mind smart or not.
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