Our Testesterone levels say something. Comparison chart by age- study

Allright guys, so here is what i recently found. My T levels always come up in 450 ng\dl. In one test i did at the age of 19 was 550, that was the highest. So i did some research about what is the average levels of T on health men by age. And this is what i found. Scroll down a little and see the two diagrams there. According to that study the normal levels of T is 617 for a man in his 20’s.

What i also find is that, all of this forum has the range of 400 ng/dl. I have read up to 10 topics here and their T levels were either on 400’s and usually on 300’s. Which is the levels of a 70 year old man!
Another thing is that, my close friend did a test himself and his T levels were 750 ng/dl. He is not a bodybuilder or something. I think there is something about this levels.

Anyone has 600-700 of T levels but still has PFS here? I remember reading few posts like that but not much. If anyone here has 700+ ng/dl please respond to this topic and let me know, im trying to figure out something. Thanks.

https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/normal-testosterone-levels/ The chart is on this site. Also nice information, please read it.

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Yup first test about 750 second around 800. Free test high as well.

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Wrong, I have full blown PFS and my T came out to 895ng/dl in December.

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(S) Estradiol (E2)     614.0   pmol/L           40-162     CMIA, Abbott   H
(S) Testosteron        42.62    nmol/l       8.33 - 30.19 CMIA; Abbott    H

My last hormonal panel came in completely messed up, both T and E2 off the charts with E2 being WAY high. I’m not sure if it’s really like that, will have to do a repeat reading, but I get symptoms like sensitive nipples and weird tingling in hips and so on so it’s possible that my estradiol is way screwed up.

My serum DHT was around low - mid of the range.


My test blood tests have always been in the 600 - 700s

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I’m always mid 400s

I have never ever went under 700 my lowest was something like 780. Usually I hang around 900-1000 band sometimes it wants up 1100 or more brother.
I can gain muscle easily people thinks that I am on steroids but I have never ever used any, I only used that finasteride shit.

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jesus christ. Are you on TRT or any other hormonal medicines? Do something with that estradiol man…

Man I just noticed it do something about that ASAP !! This is an emergency for a man

Your estradiol is massively out of range. However, I have to mention that some members are on this site from the use of aromatase inhibitors alone. Some PFS patients have made their situation worse using them. As is typical with PFS, there’s currently no safe or 100% right answer in what to do here.

Do you have blood readings from before your use of finasteride? Or previous readings since you’ve had PFS?

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When pfs was at peak I had 1128ng/dl.
Lowest were around 600 . Averagely around 900.

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Those almost look reversed…

I think that high T and high E2 are pretty common here.


Your t levels are extremely low! I had the same symptoms as u before ever touching anything any my test was around the same!

Plenty of guys over at testosterone need levels of 650 or higher to feel any libido boost and that’s slight one 725 and over is the optimal range!

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I felt better when my natural T levels were in the 300s - 500s than when it was in the 600s and 700s. My free T went from low to slightly over the range high over many years and symptoms only worsened slightly in that time.