Origanum Vulgare alleviates testis and sperm damages induced by finasteride

I’ve found 2 interesting articles about Origanum Vulgare supposedly alleviating some damages caused by Finasteride, so I was wondering if anyone here has tried it? These 2 articles seem to be from Asia and are pretty new also, one is from 2021. and the other from 2020… Maybe it would be good to connect with these guys, or anyone who’s interested in finasteride for that matter :smiley:. Here are the links:




I get a “internal server error” when I try to open the second link. The first article seems to indicate that oregano helps prevent testicular damage done by fin when used at the same time. Would it reverse the damage that’s already done though?

I’ve edited the link it should be working now. I noticed they used 200-400 mg/kg in both of this studies , that seems to be pretty high dosage.

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Thanks, it works now. Yeah, I think its about 32 grams for a 80 kg person, for example.