Orgasm without erection

Don’t now if this is flatline or what but my d**** is completely dead.
I quite often get aroused although there is no connection. Lat night I had a wet dream and ejaculated when totally limp. I get really scared. Is this happening to someone else?

Hi Odessa, we are all in similar boat here, it gets a bit better with time but never close to how it was before. Give it a few months or a year, I had absolutely no morning or nocturnal wood but after a few months it got better. Try not to think about it too much also as I notice stress affects my erections a lot

@Odessa10 You can consider yourself ‚lucky‘, a lot of the guys in here can’t even get aroused or have libido like you.

but is there a normal PFS symptom? I am not sure wether it is due to PMO, prostatitis or Finasteride that I took 15 years ago

Yeah without viagra i cant get hard at all, and if i try jack off without viagra ill orgasm while limp.
Plus the orgasm doesnt feel the same and cant last long. Everything is out of wak.

Yes it’s normal for PFS

Do you have other symptoms or just ed? You could have venous leak, not everything is due to pfs.

How do you know you were limp
You were asleep
Maybe the erecting only went 50% which was obviously enough to finish

I agree that PFS causes an entire cascade of problems but let’s not drive ourselves crazy with worry

I’m sure I’ve had the same thing
I’m sure you’re ok with respect to this

primarly 100% ED, less ejaculate force and volume and frequent urination. My d*** feels numb and I am not sure it from PFS och simply I have chronic prostatitis. 100% there is some prostate issue since the symptoms above. I am not sure what causing it. I have had like this for 15 years and are in my 40 s

I actually experienced this during sex with a girl recently. whether from PFS or not, Its classic ED, the worst fucking kind.
Im absolutely crushed… i have no words. I have never felt so defeated

I would recommend to visit a urologist to check your prostate. It will not hurt and you will know within minutes if you have an inflammation. Maybe he will check your urin and sperm for further checks. If you can still have erections with viagra and co., count yourself as lucky.

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