Orgasm excitement and pleasure is gone


Lately, i don’t feel so pleasure in orgasms it is hard to describe. Its like back then, i would feel a really high mental pleasure near at orgasm. I would look at to porn actress as if she is the most beautiful being in universe. (lol). And the pelvic floor contractions were long lasting and it had nice burning feeling after and during orgasm. But now, it is cold, no burning feeling, no mental changes after and during, and contractions are short, numb. And there is no ‘‘focused extent mental pleasure’’. Anyone have ideas why this happens? Is it the lack of androgen hormones? Or is it about dopamine receptors and other things?


Dunno, I guess it’s due to those critical male hormones being hit and out of whack. I wouldn’t pleasure yourself too much, could over tax your body


You have the same issue too? Well it is a stupid question to ask though. Many PFS people have this problem. I wish i learn what is the relation between pelvic muscles (ones that make you orgasm) and hormones etc.

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Probably silenced dopamine receptors and AR too. I have the same problem.


If my dopamine is somehow silenced by 4 pills of Accutane, why i felt completely normal mentally, i don’t have any dopamine related mood or mind problems. Never experienced it. Why this happens only on sexual activites? My libido also seems fine. I think it is more about the androgen hormones. I wish i studied medicine sometimes… my god.


It’s anybody’s guess. We can only hope that upcoming Studies will shine light onto the causes.


its interesting because i have the same shit as you. pre fin it was exactly how you described. i guess it really has something to do with our dopamine receptors because when i smoke weed now it feels very strange. like there is no dopamine that can get shot out. dont know how to explain


Saw this pop up on Reddit - thought it was interesting. They talk about fixing dopamine receptors further down in the thread

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