Opioids for severe cases

Anyone with severe symptoms…full body wastage, complete AR/homeostatic disruption… have experience with norco or percocet (hydrocodone, oxycodone)? Feel free to post in and direct me to your member story per new rules. I have some sitting here and I’m in try anything mode…not looking to ease any particular pain, just want to feel something other than bad.

Update: fire in the hole…


Que funcion tiene esos medicamentos?

This sounds like an addiction waiting to happen. If you have to choose that route i would look into kratom.

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I don’t know, I’m not wearing my watch

**sorry, old joke. They’re painkillers with an opioid ingredient for that feel good feeling. In theory.

Estos causan disfuncion sexual cuidado

Todo mi cuerpo se está desintegrando, me importa una mierda la disfunción sexual

I tried OxyContin before and after pfs. After getting pfs it does not work at all. It’s like taking a placebo pill. No short term high.

I worry what will happen if I get into a situation where I need serious pain relief. Like what would I even do?

My back always acts up when doing physical activities like shoveling snow due to the severe muscle loss. In 10-15 years I might need pain relief and I’m worried.

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How far along did you try it? I’m just over three months in and the oxy 5/325 worked, the hydro 5/325 worked but required an extra half dose. Details in member story.

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I tried it in summer 2020. I got pfs in March 2019. Maybe I’ll try it again next time my back or shoulders act up. Nice to hear it works for you!

Sorry let me clarify…I have no idea if either of the ingredients work for pain. When I say worked I mean the opioid eased my depression and anxiety for a few hours and allowed me to sleep away some of the unbearable afternoon and get me closer to evening benzo time. Not sure what effect it’ll have on back and shoulders.

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I should clarify my earlier post too. I took it for pain one time prior to pfs and it made me high and took away all pain. Felt like I could jump through a wall. When I took it after pfs I wasn’t in pain when I took it so I shouldn’t have said no pain relief.

Anyways I’ll take it next time I have pain and see if it works for pain or for euphoria.

Kratom is awesome literally does so much and I’ve quit it several times with no problems

KRATOM: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Dosing and Reviews (webmd.com)
Kratom is banned in some states and countries due to serious safety concerns. The US FDA has warned consumers to avoid using products containing kratom.

But Propecia, that gets the FDA seal of approval. Motherfuckers I’d like to know the numbers comparing kratom casualties to Propecia casualties.


I snort a bit of oxy here and there to ease the real nasty days. I’d prefer to use kratom but it bothers my stomach. Tianeptine is another slightly less addictive and totally legal option

Ha yeah I listened to a DEA agent call kratom an opioid, that is not true at all. When they tried banning it in Chicago 5000 people showed up to protest, one man was taking 200 pills a week for his severe back pain until he discovered kratom and he didn’t have to take the pills anymore. Big Pharma just hate its helping the opioid addicts it creates.

Yeah I’m stating the obvious here of course but be careful with addiction etc
PFS is one hole, you don’t want to dig another that brings its own separate nightmare alongside it. …

Addiction shmadiction. I’m just killing time until I gather the courage to eat a bullet. I’ll make sure to include the caliber in my member story.

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Hi mstone,

I know things can get extremely dark for us but we must hang on as we live in a time like no other in regards to technological innovation.

I know what it’s like to have no hope, I don’t want to die but I also don’t want to live like this either.
I’ve had bad days were I was adamant I didn’t want to live any longer, but a day or two later I knew I’d of regretted that decision.

Call someone if you’re feeling low, whether that be a hotline, friend, family or even on the forum.
Having someone listen can be extremely helpful, I know a lot of times personally I feel alone with this condition, but on this forum theres people in similar situations, sometimes it’s nice to be have someone listen, you’re not alone in this.