opinions on my situation

Hi all guys, I’m 32 years old, I would like to tell you about my situation to get an opinion from you.

  • 2018 I started using minoxdil
  • 2019 I have associated the serenoa and so far everything is pretty good
  • May 2020 I start with the end for about 5 months at a dosage of 0.50mg (which then changes little from the classic 1mg)

With serenoa and minoxidil I have never seen frankly talgible results, but after 3-4 months of finishing I was impressed by the quantity and quality of hair that I have grown, truly impressive.
All pretty good until early September. Then I begin to feel the first dizziness, after a few days I begin to feel burning / tingling hands and feet and after a few more days I begin to feel strong burning in all legs and the whole saddle practically asleep … So in panic I go to the emergency room , where the neurologist visited me but did not find anything particular, so I did the cervical and lumbar MRI, which I took to the neurosurgeon who told me that I have a hernia and a bit of crushing of 2 vertebrae but that the medullary canal is free and there is nothing that can give me these effects. He told me that I am very stiff muscles carrying a poor posture for my work as a clerk and advised me to gymnast along with a vitamin B supplement. Now 10 days have passed and the strong burns have passed, the saddle is much better almost normal, but on the other hand, after 20 days of fear and very strong anxieties with thoughts bordering on suicide, at certain moments I started some internal tremors that now seem to diminish after a few days. Anyway to make it shorter now my ailments are

  • Low libido (erection quite well)
  • burning of hands and feet
  • tinnitus
  • strong anxiety and fear of the future
  • shaking and muscle tension (seems to improve)
    Clearly the finasteride I have suspended since about 20 days.
    Someone has had some experience similar to mine

If you’ve only been off finasteride for 20 days, give it more time. Most recover within 1-3 months. Take it easy until then.