Opinion, looking for input about next step. Appreciate the comments


Hey guys, so I feel like the prep has helped my mental sides to the point where they are no longer a factor in my life. My sexual hasn’t improved enough yet. When I had bloods done my test was normal but not great, my free test was low low normal, and my SBHG was high (hence the low free test). Do you guys think the low free test is the cause of my sexual issues ? I’m debating test injections to increase my free despite SBHG, what do you guys think? Do you have high SBHG?


In non-PFS people, low free test can definitely contribute to low libido, fatigue, etc. In us, low free test may be a sign of our condition, but not the causative agent.

Personally, I would give test a shot if I were in your shoes, but many others might disagree with me. If you did go down this route, I would try to dose so that you don’t need an AI, but can still have higher test levels. Additionally, I’d keep AI handy just in case along with clomid in case you need to back out.

I often read that test can take 6 months of dosing in order to feel the full effects. Our mileage may vary.


I have this exactly same question in my mind. I have also low free testo, under the low range. And also total testo is in the low range, but not under. So if my testos are never gonna raise by doing the survey regimen, have to consider trt at some point.
Maybe i would personally go with the testogel route first. Because if you have negative effect from it, you can immediately quit it. If you have injected, it has longer effects before it leaves your system. Thats how I thought about it.

But the big question is, should we try trt at all.


I’m gonna start subcut test e, the IM dose of 200mg divided to twice a week 100mg instead (if I do it which I’m almost positive I will)


There’s always test prop if you guys want something that doesn’t last long to try at first and see how you react. Has to be injected often, though, obviously.


The problem with testogel is that you may not get to a high enough level of test on it. For example, testogel May not make you have 800 ng of test due to absorption problems.

And by taking that stuff, you’re going to shut yourself down. Test injections will get you to high enough levels, but will also shut you down. Just my two cents.


What I have read and tried to interpret from various trt threads, maybe it is better to raise testo first to a level that is not so high. I raised my testo to the very high level of range with AI and crashed. Allthough I cant say if it was the high level of testo that crashed me or just the overall bad effect of AI with large dosing.
Its is just my assuming that it would be better to raise testos first to the in-range, but in the lower-middle range and continue from there.
And I assume that you can take HCG along to keep the balls running so then your own production shouldnt close?


That’s what I think as well. I’ve seen several recovery stories of people that have cycled HCG or Clomid instead of taking it continuously. This may be coincidence or there may be a reason, I don’t think anyone really knows yet. I thought it safer to not let my levels get crazy high so I am trying 1000 IU’s HCG per week for 2 weeks then taking 2 weeks off, etc.


I dont know would it be worth trying to cycle test e (or testogel) + HCG for 2-3 weeks, then 2-3 weeks off, etc…
What do you think?
I have actually also highish SHBG, not sky high but highish… And also high progesterone.
Next week I’m gonna do some new labs to see where I am.
On many survey stories people says that dont try to raise your hormones. But how long should we wait are they gonna raise or not.