Opening case against pharmacy?

Has anybody opened claims with law firms in the UK against the pharmacy or manufacturer of the finasteride they took?


I’m not in the UK, but I’ve been trying to sue the company that sold me the drug here in the US. I’m having a lot of trouble finding a lawyer who will take on my case.


The problem is its hard to prove 1 case against a company. You would have to find a lawyer who is already representing a number of people with pfs and who’s stories corroborate each other and are against the same manufacturer. Mine was doctor fox pharmacy in the UK so if people with similar stories all make a claim to the same law firm then there is a stronger case

I have reached out to numerous lawyers in Illinois and they seem useless so far. One guy told me it was not “economical” to pursue a case, even though my ability to reproduce has been permanently altered. Let me know if you find a good lawyer.

At this point while we know the drug is unsafe and causing damage, we don’t have the proof to make that undeniable.

If you look at the cases in the USA, people got a tiny sum, and as I understand it, the case is closed and settled.

When we have proof that cases can be built upon, you would likely expect the damages awarded to be significantly more.

As a result, it might be better to not persue something that will not benefit you greatly and may stop you from being able to join with more significant action in the future.


I have told every lawyer that I expect Camp Lejeune style settlements in the millions when the research validates the obvious that Finasteride (in any form) permanently changes genital structure and function. I have not been able to get a lawyer to take my case even though I carry the proof in my pants everyday.

If you want a lawsuit to be successful you need multiple claimants whose testimonies corroborate each other. There just isn’t enough incentive for lawyers to take on one case. And as someone mentioned we still l do need more scientific proof to strengthen the case

Legal system is so dumb