Only took two doses

Thank you for sharing your recovery story. It can give some hope that sides, which often feel so permanent, can be reversible, regardless of whatever protocol is followed. For that alone, I’m thankful for your message.


That’s what I’m here for brother!


As someone in the process of recovery after 12 years of suffering (badly), I believe the fundamentals of CD’s program are sound, which boil down to this:

  1. Fasting - whether in the form of longer periods or intermittent (my preference).

  2. Super clean diet, which is very strict with the what and when. I’d even go one step further and recommend low-carb/keto AIP diet (an even stricter version of Paleo).

  3. Androgen cycling. I don’t think this necessarily has to a prohormone like Androhard, etc. There are others, which I won’t mention to avoid controversy/violating forum rules.

  4. Herbs - as everyone here knows, there are wild variations in how we respond to any particular herb, making finding the right ones for any individual is an arduous process. There are only a small handful that I find helpful (only a couple of them are on CD’s list), which is why I think this part of the protocol should probably just be skipped by beginners/ and people on tight budget.

I think the major challenges for this protocol is that the diet aspect alone requires a TREMENDOUS amount of discipline, and some things are viewed as risky and/or frivolous. And then some things simply aren’t available/acceptable for every geographical/cultural region. And lastly, it’s still not a 100% guarantee to cure everyone. All of this makes it a very easy-to-bash protocol.


Every recovery story is great. Yes! But if you compare the simple datas of the member story with this recovery story not any date or recovery state matches with each other. Totally different history, totally different states of PFS and recovery.

We all suffer like hell and no one can come along and say I recovered by CDNUTS and all what PFS foundation and PFS network are doing is useless, because there never is a treatment for PFS:

“And yes, fin is a horrible drug but I don’t think there will ever be a cure for PFS just like there will most likely never be a cure for things like cancer, MS, ALS, parkinson’s etc. It’s too complex.”

This denies all the work PFS foundation and PFS network have done for a decade now! This is subtile Manipulation.

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I agree the message of ‘take ownership’ of your health is a bit misplaced. I did that for a long time and it helped with nothing. So yeah, my ‘ownership’ was good for nothing. I don’t think many “protocols” are curative on their own. Maybe time is just the biggest factor here.

But whatever, that’s not my takeaway here. I don’t care about the protocols, or the next big supplement that cured someone. I’m just glad to see a brother recovered, and it gives me hope to see that symptoms can be reversed.

So for that, I’m grateful. And I’m also grateful for the tremendous work the PFS Network does. To me, those all messages of hope that keep me going.


Guys I used to lurk on PHelp many years ago when there were very, very few recovery stories. I remember people going wild about some guy called dustin who took super high trt, because nobody else was getting better.
I spoke with cdnuts via pm and he was helpful and legit. It’s clear that many people who follow what he does, or some variation of it like Chi, are able to make good progress and even get better.

There are many, many cases of it now like I wouldn’t jave believed ten years ago. I think some members and mods need to stop jumping on people who try it and try to talk about it here, it gives hope to new sufferers. I think thgere should be a subforum in this new site design, like the old recoveries section (yes there was one, though it wasn’t always legit so I understand that it was closed). But a place where people who have got back to near normal can report what worked for them.

For myself I made good strides taking some supplements and doing some light exercise, eating healthy pro androgenic or antis estrogenic foods also helped a lot.

Sadly I crashed again after years (see my story) but I can vouch for natural healing.

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So for the devil…

every young guy or young girl whose life is destroyed by PFS, pssd or pas is a tragody. It’s unbelievable lives thrown away for profit and shareholders intestine massage, it’s laughing about human rights. It’s criminal as the drug cartels do.

So everyone who recovered is a glimmer of hope for the whole community. I’m old.

But all the young ones with their lives ahead I wish a recovery no matter what they use.

But my greatest wish is like @Eric said if a causal cure is available using the existing techniques and it becomes true as fast as no one ever thought.

A secure and documented cure for all!

I want a cure that definitely helps every sufferer. A research based causal cure of this epigenetic changes.

And I really don’t want that someone makes profit with injured souls.

Two years seems to be a pretty common recovery time for people who recover. I had persistent sides that took two years to resolve as well and I did nothing but wait it out. Now I have PFS, a completely different animal and I just treat the fatigue and the insomnia.


If only it was that easy. Just waiting it out.

You never had to see all the crazy shit I had to do to recover.

I don’t think anyone doubts that something like cdnuts can work for certain individuals.

The thing is that it only works for those individuals (great for them), but for the majority it might do nothing (at least they tried) but for some individuals it can lead to disaster instead.

The mods are trying to prevent the last scenario I think, since there is no way to know what group of people one might end up in it’s a pretty big gamble in the end.

While I am not against self experimentation, it’s important that people understand the risks before trying anything. Which is why cdnuts claims of a “100%” cure rate and not even mentioning the risks involved is very bad.


You sure it’s made people permanently worse? I crashed severely several times during my recovery but none of it was permanent. People believe PFS itself is permanent. I’m better than pre fin now.


To what extent did you do resistance training?

I personally believe the heavy resistance training might be the most important part of the protocol.

I wasn’t able to train at all for the first 3 months. After that i slowly built up to heavy weights 4-5x a week over the course of a year.

The fact is, we don’t know whether all that “crazy shit” was curative at all. It’s great you took action, but some did the same and did not recover.

I’m glad you did of course.

I don’t understand.

Are you saying you had sides for two years that weren’t PFS? Because anything that lasts past 3 months is seen as PFS, right?

Not true. Many will be jealous and bitter.

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Understandably so. At least recoveries are proof that this problem should be reversible, once the science of what has gone wrong is understood.

I didn’t consider it PFS, just persistent sides…still felt like myself during those years. It was only after stopping fin for the final time that I got hit with AR silencing, disfiguring tissue loss, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and all the rest. Shit I didn’t know was humanly possible. Never imagined basic genetic structure and homeostasis was on the chopping block.

This topic is getting a little out of control – devolving into the same counterproductive arguments that was going on here for years until we instituted the new rules. People have been discussing PFS on forums since at least 2003 – random self-experimentation and armchair science speculation has not gotten us anywhere. For every success story, there are dozens (perhaps hundreds) who try the same thing and see no results. Debating these cases distract us from the hard and necessary work of fundraising, awareness-raising, and coordinating with scientists.

At the same time, I should say that I’m happy that you recovered @propecia123! Thank you for coming back and reporting on your current state!


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