Only 4 Propecia lawsuits pending

Today I reviewed the Propecia litigation. It originally consisted of several hundred lawsuits, all consolidated in one court for efficiency. The case pleadings reveal that the pitifully tiny $4.3 million settlement settled all but 4 lawsuits, which now may be transferred to other courts. Also, Merck produced three million documents in discovery.

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Mel H. July 10, 2020

$4.3 million what a complete disgrace. Was this sum of payment ordered by a judge or was it settled out of court and what was it based on? Surely this wouldn’t compensate for sexual dysfunction or the other debilitating life changing side effects. Sounds to me like those 700 men were thrown under the bus by their own lawyers!


F*** Merck and the others who know the truth about these side effects and continue to deny it and not look to better understand the causes and seek a remedy for this horrible condition. I hope they get a taste of their own medicine for all the suffering they inflicted on us, and all the insults afterwards.


You can read some about the lawsuits here

Settlement 1

Derisory minimum amounts considering the seriousness and persistence of some of the injuries

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$5000 dollars for prostate cancer are they out of their minds not that you can even put a price tag on these injuries but this is criminal.


Was anybody able to sue propecia individually? If so what lawyer did they use.