Only €24,000 needed to begin new PFS research, new blog out today: January updates from PFS Network

Don’t forget to donate guys.

Have a good day you all.


Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion. That topic is a tough one to tackle but we have considered it.

Hi @Sugarhouse. I think everyone is indeed greatly appreciative of the effort the team has made to move us forward.

I have a question with regards to all the different PFS associations that exist today. Are there any plans to unite all these efforts?


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Thank you for the support, and good question.

We haven’t worked with or provided support for any PFS charity in the past other than the PFS Foundation. At the moment, there are no plans to unite efforts formally.

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I’d just hate to see a lot of potential/effort/donations… “squandered” if you will, because we are too fragmented.

Just a thought. I know resources are limited.

Concerning the study: I’m a saw palmetto victim. Do you think I’d be able to participate, or is strictly finasteride cases?


For the immediate study, we don’t currently need any further samples, as we are hoping to use existing tissue used in a previous study. That may change in the coming months though, and it would not matter that you are a Saw Palmetto case. The best tissue for us to collect, however, would be from more severe cases who were affected quickly, as that will respond best to lab conditions.

I hope that makes sense.

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You mean from people who took a couple of pills and crashed instantly?

Thank you for your answer. Looking forward to seeing this study get started!

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Those cases would be ideal if further samples are required.

Just out of scientific interest, why are those cases more ideal? Does this mean the pathology is different?

No, it’s more because they would respond better to experiments under lab conditions than a more mild case with a long onset.

For example, if we are seeing how target tissue responds after being treated with finasteride, then reintroducing DHT, we will get much clearer and quicker results from someone who crashed severely after a small number of doses, than someone who only got 1-2 symptoms after 10 years of use.


This project has now been fully funded. Thank you all for your amazing support. Please find an update here: Upcoming research at The Institute for Human Genetics has been fully funded


Just donated another 100 Euros.

Don’t forget to continue donating guys, we will need it for further research.


Awesome work Mitch and everyone on the forum! This also goes for everyone who is not able to make a financial contribution but who are supporting others. You’re making a difference.

I have made a “generous contribution” :wink: and set up a recurring donation. I encourage everyone who is able to to set up a recurring donation as well, to make our money work for us even when our minds abandon us. Together we’ll stand strong.

Keep it up!


Awesome work!

I can’t overstate the importance of what both @Capello and @PFS have said. Recurring donations and continual support are essential. If we can maintain our current pace, we’re on target to raise over 300,000 EUR each year.

That would almost certainly mean by the time the next study rolls around, we can act immediately. The faster we go, the faster we can create a better future for us all.




Don’t stop to donate guys.


Just donated. If everyone just donated what they can afford, whether that be £50 or £500 we should get that in no time


Hi @priore

Thank you for your support! You’ll be pleased to know that we reached our fundraising target a few weeks ago: Upcoming research at The Institute for Human Genetics has been fully funded

Ongoing support is still very helpful however, as we want to ensure we can act on any insights from this study when they are available, without delay.

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Super, glad we have reached the target


Keep contiune to donation guys

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