Only €24,000 needed to begin new PFS research, new blog out today: January updates from PFS Network

Dear fellow patients,

Thank you for supporting upcoming research into Post-Finasteride Syndrome. Thanks to your overwhelming generosity, our campaign has raised over €56,000.

In three weeks since our Christmas update, we’ve raised an additional €11,000. That means we only need another €24,000 to begin groundbreaking research.

To simplify the equation, if every person receiving this email donated €100 today, we will have reached our target.

Please continue to contribute where possible.

GoFundMe campaign

Thank you to those who have stepped up to participate in our GoFundMe campaign.

As a result of your courage in sharing our fundraiser with family and friends, we have already raised an additional €2000 in three weeks. These funds are yet to be distributed to our charity, but we deeply appreciate your support.

If you want to see new research underway as soon as possible, and are comfortable talking about Post-Finasteride Syndrome with your family and friends, please visit our GoFundMe campaign page. Our instructions guide, video and templated message make it easy to set up your own GoFundMe for upcoming research in less than 15 minutes.

New blog: The 6 most commonly asked questions about Post-Finasteride Syndrome

Today PFS Network released another helpful resource for PFS patients, their loved ones, men considering finasteride and clinicians. The blog, titled “The 6 most commonly asked questions about Post-Finasteride Syndrome”, addresses FAQs such as:

  1. How common is PFS?
  2. Is there a treatment for PFS?
  3. What are the symptoms of PFS?

We hope this resource will be particularly useful for newer patients and their families.

Please share with your networks and other patients you may be in touch with.

With gratitude,

The PFS Network team


Here’s the tweet for our latest blog to like & RT:


That’s magnific Mitch.

I would try to add hashtags, popular ones, like #Propecia, #PSSD, or #Finasteride

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Thank you Mitch!

Those articles on the blog are EXTREMELY useful for patients when confronted with “PFS isn’t real” or people trying to minimize the syndrome.

Hope more will follow.


$500 wire coming in friday!


Donated another 100


Thanks for your continued support everyone!

Also, if you have other ideas for content you think could be helpful for patients, your loved ones, clinicians or even people considering the drug, please feel free to make suggestions as we’re continuing to make lots of new content in the coming months.


Just a thought here:

Content that utilizes the platform/audience of an already established org can be leverage for us to generate attention quickly.

Maybe another org that relates to us in some type of element (scientifically or otherwise).

Companies do podcasts where they invite guests, long form blog posts from others that have authority etc.

That type of collaboration could be beneficial depending on the org



Excellent work on the latest blog as always.

I was able to donate another €100 just now.

We are almost there guys. Let’s get this thing to the finish line!!


A quick update: we’ve raised another €2000 since this post, so we’re at €58,000 raised. With further pledges from staff, GoFundMes and others, the actual amount is probably closer to €64,000 however I can’t say that for certain.

Please keep promoting this important opportunity to other patients you’re in touch with, and consider setting up a GoFundMe if you are able.


Just donated €100.


Amazing work @orthogs.

Want to give a special shoutout to those who have been brave enough to set up GoFundMes. One patient set up a GoFundMe today and has already raised $1200.

Tremendous effort - we are getting close!


You guys are perfect! Kind of these effort gonna make us all cured! Guys please donate! save your half money of your supplement spend and donate!


@Sugarhouse by the way, can you inform us how long this study gonna take?