One week on doxycycline

So after a sexually bad day with weak erections, P.E and low semen volume, i went to my drawer to peak some viagra to have a better feeling in my dick. Suddenly i found malron pills near them, pills that suppose to be used on my travels in south east asia before Covid19. And i thought to myself, how easy it was if this was the cure… then i searched doxicycline here on the forum, and suddenly saw posts that claimed ease of the symptoms on it, and i said to myself, what the heck, anyway i needed to take it before travel south-east asia, so it may help my a bit lets try.

So i started 100mg every day and i have supplyment for 2 months, I will update every week, i have only sexual symptoms so it will be easier for me to determine if it helping or not.

My story -
Took propecia 1mg per day for 3 months when i was 22
Had sexual side effects from the first week of usage.
Now - 23 years old, currently suffering for 18 months after usage, only sexual, lost a lot of grith in penis, terrible P.E im refusing sex sometimes, mild E.D, (cant have sex without pills), complete loss of libido, severe lack of blood flow, a lot of smooth muscle disapper.
Currently use bathmate for stronger erections.

And thats it i guess. I will update you guys when i complete 7 pills.


Don’t know how this will pan out for you @nana123 . Just be careful! Are you having gut problems by any chance?

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Dont know if related, having diarria for the whole day

Antibiotics can cause it as well as infections. Hydrogen dominant small intestines bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) may also to blame. Rifaximin may be a better choice but I highly advise you to consult with GI doctor first and try and get SIBO breathing test. Self-medicating took me down many rabbit holes :blush: best wishes!

It easier to say no self-medicating after being cured haha…

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Still not 100% cured :joy: seriously though, trail and fail took years and there were horrible times that I don’t wish on my worst enemy. Most online literature advocates Rifaximin for IBS-D (diarrhea dominant). Breathing test is usually suggested to check for hydrogen producing bacterial activity.

Keep us posted.

So, first seven days. The hardest thing about this medication its the no alcohol policy, as an homebrewer its really frustrating. The second hardest thing its the digustive problems it cause, it seems to fade away but you can never know.

Now for the positive, lets me start with restriction that im using bathmate for better erections and blood flow, and since im sexually active and im not fully trust the vacum yet, im using viagara occasionally.

So, my P.E got slightly better, its still have those days but from 30 seconds I can run 5 minutes some times. I still wonder what the cause and the connections between better erections and long lasting, when im just on viagra i will cum in seconds, after i started using bathmate things improved. interesting.

anyway! better erections without viagra, shrinkage less severe and sometimes its seems almost normal. balls most of the time hang normally, penis seems more helathy, i can always see vains running and full, but no libido at all.

the only thing that i can releate solely to doxycycline is the balls hang normally. its not happning all the time but most of it the hang normally and its interesting.

im gonna keep going with bathmate and doxycycline one more week, if i see no significant improve i will move on to soy flour for downregulation of my AR receptors.

but in general, i feel a bit better, maybe psychological but who cares.