Oleic acid (olive oil) - Concerning findings

Quite concerning findings in the following study.[1]

Oleic acid accounts for 55-83% of the fatty acid content in olive oil. Measured fatty acid content in olive oil is 472.63–7751.20 μg/ml.[2] Oleic acid in Syrian olive oil is 3785 ug/mL.

Since we might have become more sensitive to 5-ARI’s, it might be wise to avoid oleic acid. Which is extremely hard since it is in many foods (vegetable oils like olive, canola, sunflower, but also in nut oils, meat, poultry, cheese and many processed food).

The reduction for 5-ARI activity is insane.




Interesting. I just bought today a 1Liter bottle of Olive oil for as low as 10€. This is no good news for my 10€.

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Anybody wanna weigh in on this that may shed some light?

Could the same be said if used topically?

It’s a 5ari so will not end well

You should never use it topically as it breaks the skin barrier.

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Cut olive oil out years ago

But now beef and chicken will mean I literally can not eat a single thing anymore.

I eat beef, pinto beans and tallow and even this combo is fucking with me now big time.

Recently learned pinto beans are also methyl donors which we should be avoiding

Is there even 1 thing that is 100% vetted as to not mess with us in anyway?

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I seriously doubt olive oil has ever caused pfs symptoms. The entire mediterranean would be impotent.

It’s also an HDAC and aromatase inhibitor, btw