Old members where?


i have a serious question. all the old members here like mew , tigershull (paul) and kevin malley. where are they? are they cured , dead or did they just dont want to post here any longer?


Tigershull was mentioned recently, apparently doing fine now. If you search it should come up. It’s sad that he hasn’t checked in. I hope anyone reading this now will remember and let people know how they’re doing in a few years time.


or maybe they are in another forum where real finasteride ssri accutane victims discuss together. now this forum is a discussion forum for anybody that have side effects from any drug or even without taking anything. just to ask here with their headaches or stomach pain before going to the doctor… i have seen the posts from 2012 and before and that were really serious cases that posted here. now its more like quoras medicine forum


To give you an idea, go through some old threads and click on the user-names/avatars as you scroll though.

I have done this while reading several threads from the 2010-2014 era and noticed most of the old-school members have logged-in over the past year. What’s interesting is the number of those who were “significantly-recovered” who still browse the forums without posting anything.

…Not cured, not dead, just silent.