Oily Face Oily Scalp

Hello friends,
first of all…I take Finasteride. I started using it in October 2017. Everything was fine for the first 6 months. Then the side effects started. My hair has become significantly thinner, I lose a lot of hair every day. My face is extremely oily, the scalp is extremely oily. I can’t leave the house when I wake up in the morning because my hair just looks ridiculous, really flat and oily. Some would now say that it is reflex hyperandroginity, but this is not found in medicine. I went to 0.5mg in October 2021, before that it was always 1mg. Oil has decreased a bit, but still catastrophic :scream:. Have any of you had the same experience?

Hi @TheRock, this is not a forum for people who use finasteride, it is a forum for people who are left with side effects after using it, or other drugs.

You may not post here if you are still using finasteride.

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