Off topic chatting

Hello warriors

Is there a thread we can talk about other things than this disease? Like about life and hobbies or other stuff we like. Just a casual chat. :slight_smile:


That is what i want please :blush:

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Stocks ?


Into it


Good call. Stocks and shares used to my fav pastime

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You mean stonks.

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I bought a bunch of Humbl stock recently and immediately it plummeted. I’m down like 13 K LOL …

I had some experience with crypto prior to this but It was my first sock I ever purchased . I got sucked into the hype like a sucker as it was being pumped then it got dumped

It’s supposed to be a Mobil pay app similar to PayPal but that sends money from person to person using the block chain. So far the company has not lived up to its claims .

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@5-alpha-victim 13k FFS they’ll come back as you know. I still try to keep a hand to a degreea as one of my many PFS distraction strategies though my capacity to think and remain objective have been seriously hit along with so much more. Regardless and back on subject some made serious money out of crypto, hope you did ok! BP are still down 50% and remain a solid buy for a medium to long-term investment and also pay out a handsome quarterly dividend. I told one of my only remaining mates to buy them when the world was closed and the price of oil hit the floor and he’s up 30% on his initial outlay from over a year ago. There are still some bargains out there.

quant network is the crypto i put 90% of my money into am up over 80x my intial investment and expecting a strong second half of the year.

would not touch any btc as regulations are coming and i expect a lot of crypto to dissolve and just die just like the dot com bubble