Odd experience with Proviron and Cabergoline

About 2 months ago I took 50mg of proviron per day for 2-3 days and .25mg of cabergoline. I was also taking maca and tribulus semi-consistently throughout that time but started it a week earlier. I didn’t feel any different on them, although the time I took them was short lived. If you want a list of my sides check my temporary recovery story.

About 1.5-2 weeks after I dropped proviron and cabergoline, I experienced a full recovery for almost a week. I slowly fell back to baseline after that.

About 2.5 weeks ago I took 50mg of proviron daily for 2-3 days and a .25mg dose of cabergoline, as well as tribulus and maca semi consistently (again). I felt nothing during that time, if not worse. However, over the last week, about 1.5-2 weeks later, I experienced the exact same full recovery, which has unfortunately slipped away again. It also lasted almost a week.

I can confirm that my sides are not mental. My diets and workouts did not change throughout. I also have great hormone levels (although dht was not tested).

Has anyone else had any similar experiences? I read one thread of someone taking high doses of proviron and feeling nothing, only to have a full recovery after quitting. Should I do a two week run of proviron and cabergoline and drop them?

I’ll also note that this has never happened randomly. Something similar happened when I took and dropped arimidex, perhaps by the same method, but it always happens shortly after I drop a hormone changing compound.

I had a same experience with proviron after taking a tab, didn’t feel anything for 3 weeks after quitting but then after 3 weeks i wokeup with a very severe erection, tight strong muscles and increased confidence, it was a very powerful feeling of the presence of dht in the body. I felt no feeling of it the day i took it. Maybe the receptors are taking some time to accept the androgen !!

How long did that recovery last?

A week.

Naturally. So you only took one tab? 25mg I assume? What stopped you from taking more?

How are you recovering now?How are your muscles?

I don’t have the link on hand, but there was a thread hear about a year ago where one guy recovered by cycling high doses of proviron on and off. A number of guys tried it and had varying degrees of success. The one who improved said that while on the Proviron (200mg) they felt like shit, but coming off always made their baseline improved. Sounds like your experiencing something similar.

edit: here is the link. for some reason the thread has been locked

similar experience with clomid, first day or 2 nothing, then libido diminishes and all sides r worst, then improved after 16 days of stopping (wouldn’t call it recovery) for 4 days then baseline, not really worth it in my case