NYT Article on Medical Gaslighting

I mean, we all know what this is at this point. But thought people might find it helpful.

What are the signs of gaslighting?

Gaslighting can be subtle and isn’t always easy to spot. When seeking medical care, experts recommend watching for the following red flags.

  • Your provider continually interrupts you, doesn’t allow you to elaborate and doesn’t appear to be an engaged listener.

  • Your provider minimizes or downplays your symptoms, for example questioning whether you have pain.

  • Your provider refuses to discuss your symptoms.

  • Your provider will not order key imaging or lab work to rule out or confirm a diagnosis.

  • You feel that your provider is being rude, condescending or belittling.

  • Your symptoms are blamed on mental illness, but you are not provided with a mental health referral or screened for such illness.


The more this sort of narrative proliferates in the public consciousness the better it is for us.


I’ve experienced every one of those red flags

I actually got post-covid-syndrome too quite badly but ppl were more sympathetic abt that although they were similarly useless

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