Nystop/Nystatin powder - antifungal safe?

In the past months I have experienced occasional “crotch rash”: instances of raw, red sore areas in the crease under my belly or in my crotch joints.

I have used baby powder or noxzema with mixed results. Several days ago, my wife offered me a powder containing Nystop (Nystatin). This prescription powder works wonders, and cleared up the rash almost immediately.

My question is, does this antifungal affect our PFS? Do I have a bad reaction awaiting me?

I did a word search but found little about this in powder form. Also, I thought there was a recent discussion about antifungals, but searched back through April and didn’t find a title containing “antifungals.”

I appreciate any advice. Jim

Edit: I did find a discussion of Nystatin from 2011, but it was centered on ingesting it, not use as a powder. Jim

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Never mind!

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I’m bumping this to the top again, hoping for answers! It disappeared off the page so quick…I’ll look for answers when the Old World crew awakens.

Anyone experienced with Nystatin powder for fungal rashes? Jim