NYC docs or Endos treating PFS

Have people had the best luck with Jacobs? Can people recommend who takes insurance?

I went to him
He just gave me Ativan and TRT
He doesn’t actually fix the problem especially if you’re a non-responder.

I myself am trying to get a new list of doctors who treat this
Does anyone have a new list of good doctors?

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I have seen Jacobs in NYC or by phone for about 10 years. I think among the few, he is one of the best. He tries different things and is open to our information, research, and ideas. He knows a lot about the brain in general as a neurologist and neuroendocrinologist.

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He also has been attending neurosteroid conferences, like the ones in Italy with Dr. Melcangi. So his knowledge has helped me convince doctors and others that my condition is real and we know something about the mechanism.


If that’s true then at least he’s trying to get on it
This is awful

I also endorse Dr. Jacobs. While there isn’t a cure he’s willing to try different things to help with each symptom. Everyone reacts differently to each type of treatment but it’s worth sticking with him for at least a year. One visit is not going to improve your symptoms…PFS is a long game.