Numbness after ejaculation

Does anyone else feel like their penis becomes temporarily numb right after ejaculation?

To be specific to my case, my frenulum/shaft becomes numb to pleasure (not numb to touch) for about half an hour immediately right after finishing. Before, it used to be that I was oversensitive, but now it just feels like nothing or like I’m touching it through a thick condom. Though, my glans are a bit oversensitive, so I’m contemplating if this is Fin-related or possibly death grip? Any thoughts?

What you desribe here is close to how I feel it most of the time now. For me touch is mostly feeling of pressure, not connected with pleasure. I noticed that sometimes glans stimulation did increase the blood flow in the area but doesn’t lead to erection or any significant pleasurable feelings.

So you’re not able to have any pleasurable sensations along the shaft or head? Was it like this since your crash or a newly emerged symptom?

Definitely shaft, head is fluctuating from pretty low to almost absolute numb. I don’t remember the details of my crash, all that period was pretty bad, like one dark spot in my memory, but it’s like this for more than half a year for sure.

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That’s same for me too. Despite that i regained some sensitivity on glans and frenulum area recently i no longer have pleasure from shaft area. Only time when i felt sexual pleasure from shaft was after quitting an antidepressant drug from 8 days long usage. But after two weeks that feeling has gone.

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i think this could relate to my recent discovery with my temporary recovery. my body was physically recovering. you can look at my recent posts for the story. however i ended up orgasming during this time to test if it was pleasurable. this completely halted my recover and sent me back to square one. and now it seems as if my body stopped recovering. it’s like my mind got freaked out from what was happening from the orgasm and stopped everything in it’s tracks. i believe that to recover, we first need to find something that works. then make sure we aren’t interrupting the process with orgasm during recovery


I never really had pleasure from the shaft (probably as a consequence of being cut), so I can’t really understand what that would feel like. It’s good that you retained sensitivity in the nerve extremities through recovery. Are you able to enjoy sex?


This where the road ends and many exits are presented. I’ve had people tell me that continuously keeping the “blood flowing” is essential to keep things working. Some people stated they had a halt in recovery due to orgasms, while others had it opposite where it switched it back on. Everyone has different situations and it’s a headache to fit a standard. Personally, I don’t know whether orgasms in the early stages affected my recovery at all.


Definitely shaft, head is fluctuating from pretty low to almost absolute numb.

This was my case early on. Head fluctuates a lot from low to almost nothing. It still does that except with a lot more sensitivity.

thank you for the input. it’s just something i noticed. i’ll continue experimenting, but honestly think i might be into something


I’m not saying what you’re seeing is wrong, but it may be something personal to how our bodies work. I wish you with all the best in that you’ll recover naturally. If it makes you feel better, I did have bouts of temporary recoveries that only lasted for a week or more. They came back again later and stuck longer, and it just kept continuing that up/down cycle. Right now, I’ve been in low for a long while (90+ days) but I’m trying to remain positive.

Mine is cut too. Just imagine a close feeling of glans’ sensitivity. It’s not about being cut or not. There are some nerves in that area which gives a good feeling too. But right now i feel like my hands are touching to a rubber(i mean shaft area by that). But on frenulum or glans, when i touch it with another object or masturbate i finally managed to get a sensation which activates sexuality in my brain. Maybe the antibiotics that i have been using for 2 weeks have helped to that connection i don’t know but still, this sensation is far away from pre-accutane. I agree with masturbation theory. Longer i wait, my body gains more sexual energy. I will wait for one week and see if there will be any increase of sensation on that areas. And of course sex gives me pleasure both mentally and physically but it’s like 3/10 if i need to compare pre-accutane.

Any form of sexual stimulation crashes me to hell. I haven’t jerked off in 2 months to completion. Just today I rubbed my penis a little 3 hrs later and I am in full on crash all over my body.

What have you felt during these 2 months? Any pain in genitals? Any spontaneous erections?

I noticed my balls are numb too, it feels like now there’s no difference between this area and just any other skin.