NumbDuck story - 95% recovered after 7 years

I did not test before and after on clomid or hcg, i took them very briefly and getting a prescription for blood test is a pain. They helped with the brain fog and testicle size.

Update on progesterone. After 2 weeks on, this is my week off. My libido has never been as high since almost a year, my erections never as consistent. But, too early to tell i would say, i am afraid i would jinx myself.

At the same time however, i have some bad news, which makes me feel like i am one of those unlucky people who are jinxed for life.prior to taking progesterone i have noticed a sort of a lump on my penis. It is on the right hand side, just when i used to have pain, pain which was particularly bad after pfs. Yet i never saw a lump before. Since i got better under progesterone i starting having sex regularly and guess what this lump got worse, and now i have what looks like a whole vein-like lump, thin and long on my penis. It ends with a round lump. It is under the skin, and yes it could be a vein but it certainly does not feel like one. What is that? I have no clue. I am worried, stressed, and depressed. I am seeing a uro tomorrow. Man, i really feel he will tell me it is either nothing or it needs an operation. Both scenarios are bad because it hurts, so when i have sex i am increasingly in pain and at the same time i do not want any surgeries there.

Keep us posted, I’m sure its nothing. I had a lump and it went away. I think it was just from to much sex and masturbating too rough.

Excellent,the uro told me i have what looks like a thrombosis. He was not clear how often this clears if at all, but i believe he said it can leave a permanent scar. Where did it come from? Vigorous sexual exercise…amazing, what is the fuckin chance, i have pfs and i had a bit of a good week last week which barely allowed me to have sex… What the fuck, can t i get a fucking break…can t i get a fucking break and live a half decent normal life? Now even if my pfs is not bad i have to avoid sex for a while and see if that goes away… Worse even: i will be worried about this shit for months and maybe years to come…

My life is so fucking pathetic … I am also now in bed down with a bad flu and fever for the third time this year (2015 that is).

I went back feeling bad, surprisingly after eating a full bar of dark chocolate, so i went back to putting progesterone. I have been a week off of that. Man this numbness is so fucing annoying…

Yesterday i did some light exercise and felt bit better after
Today i did some heavier exercise, nothing crazy but was pushing 6/10 rather than 4/10, intensity wise, i.e., lower rep, and have been feeling real crap after.

One area where progesterone has made a big difference is sleep and the fact that when i combine it with a t boosting thing i feel real better, while t boosters alone do not do anything…

numbduck, what areas would you say have improved on progesterone. You sleep have your mental sides lifted and left with just ed or is it the opposite. How long have you been on progesterone and do you plan on weaning off?


Numbness is my number 1 issue. No2 is lack of libido. I was diagnosed with pudendal neuropathy as have several on this board. I’m not sure how common this problem is or how many people have overcome it. I know that genetix1 is getting surgery for it this month so perhaps he will share what he finds.

As i probably have mentioned before i started dating a girl back a month ago.
Now it has been 3 times out of probably 7 that i fail in bed, i think it is time for me, to stop humiliating myself and break up. She lies me alot and i like her, and i was thinking she was getting serious quickly and that this was a good thing for me because i need to settle with someone before i be alone forever…

But i can’t keep himiliatig myself. She is a sexual girl, and i had a good excuse: i told her i was depressed and that i am on a medication that affects my sex drive, she is familiar with depression and is very understanding and nice… Yet somehowshe is copletely dumb in bed, she keeps tring to have sex with me, and when it doesn’t work she asks me what is wrong and so on…

She was perfect because she was willing to have sex without condom and we both did tests… So everything was going fine, but i swear no matter what i do, i almost took an overdose of cialis, and dht cream and all, there are times during the day when i get quite horny, but some other times when i completely uninterested, and there are times when i move between these two states very quickly…

Any thoughts appreciated… At this point i won’t mind speaking with someone with this experience…can’t share with anyone else… My psychiatrist does not know what to say.

I think you made a mistake by not telling her the truth. If she would know, she could decide and you would have less pressure.

Also I think its less embarassing to admit that you got screwed over by finasteride, than her thinking that you cant perform since birth/ by nature. Finasteride is external, without this explanation she will think its in your nature, if that makes any sense.

Trying to play the nice guy now Dr. PhilVDL? How kind of you to offer relationship advice to others. Wasn’t it just a few days ago you were berating people on overdrive? Just doing a little image re-makeover…I see…scurry off.

The guy is looking for a bit of support and you are ruining his thread by pursuing your own personal vendetta. The advice he gave was good. Mind your own business

I’m sure the advice he gave was good. It doesn’t feel good to be hijacked while trying to give advice and do some good right? He likes to hijack other people’s threads in his spare time so I gave him some of his own medicine.

point taken, but you are still sabotaging this thread.This forum is for people who need support so I think it’s time stop this behaviour. made your point . I won’t say anything more because we are distracting from the point of this thread.

Returning to the main point of discussion . I personally think numb duck should tell her the truth. If you are going to walk away from the relationship anyway,why not tell her the truth to see if she understands and is wiling to be patient with you. There are a lot of people with pfs and unrelated sexual dysfunction in relationships… its difficult but it is possible. Good luck with it

point taken, but you are still sabotaging this thread. You sound like a five year old. This forum is for people who need support cease this behaviour. made your point . I won’t say anything more because we are distracting from the point of this thread.

Alright, fine. But if you ask me I think this forum should be more about finding out ways to get better and raise awareness then giving out wishy washy advice on relationships Dr Phil style.

He’s some real advice. Whether you like it or not even if you did not take finasteride you would have had days that your just not interested. You need to explain that to her and say not today but definable tomorrow.

Just shut your trap, stalker.

I ge may emails of people asking me about my progress. I point them to my thread here, so please do not screw my thread by going on a tangent especially if you are attacking each other, no place for that here.

Thanks all for advice. Remember i told uro about my problem with fin and he almost laughed. I am much more comfortable telling her i took an antidepressant and it did this to me, she does not need to know it was finasteride, i told her a drug, but she does NOT seem to unerstand and shee keeps putting me in the unpleasant position of being unable to perform. She keeps talking about how much she wants me, because when it works it is good for her, but i don’t think this is a good idea. I like her and i am really afraid of being alone again but i am a human and have some pride. When i was horny all girls were much less horny than me, and now i keep women who are real horny and always talk about sex…funny stuff,…

Whatever you say pervert/weirdo/douche.