Numb genitals permanent?

I’m lost on what to do. Its been a year and I still have numb penis and testicles.

Has anyone regained sensitivity in their penis and testicles? Is there anything that can help with the numbness?

Anyone know what exactly causes the numbness?


First 2 days of crash. Totally numb, complete impotence.

2 weeks after numbness turned to low sensitivity.

Been 40 days now. Still have low sensitivity. I can get an erection by touching it. Erections getting better now that I am getting sleep using Remeron. I have been getting nocturnal Erections lately. Finatruth said his sensitivity came back. I think he is the only one that I know of that makes this claim.

Im 6 years into recovery, and i had this dead feeling described here - no mind / penis connection for about 4 years. That has actually gone away now. My sensitivity might not quite be back to normal but its not something ive worried about too much. Its libidio only for me now.

I had a cold flaccid insensitive penis for 2 years without a single NPT, morning wood or erection. I couldn’t even get it up in any way, still, now it seems to be working and it can be very sensitive if I have some libido. If you don’t have any trivial physical damage then my bet would be that your tool can survive a long period and it can function again if you resolve the rest of the issues. Zero or low libido is a much bigger issue than having numb genitals.

BTW, I haven’t seen anyone on the forum to complain about good libido and numb genitals… I would be interested whether this combination is possible at all.

I have desensitized skin including penis. Libido is still present. Not like it was, but for now I can get excited for real sex if I focus what little energy I have on it.

Unfortunately we can not exactly measure some things (like libido). I remember that before the magic pills I almost always woke up with raging boners and raging libido and I could fuck anything that was next to me. I was thinking about having some sex every hour or other hour during my work. Hearing some sex from the neighbor completely turned me on in 0.00001 seconds and I wanted to fuck her right there. Currently none of these exist. Even if I had “end of the world” mood, having sex or thinking of having sex could completely take my attention from bad things.

I’m saying this because for me its hard to believe that someone has libido but numb tool. Are you sure that your libido is at least half of its original?

Although with some work most of the time it is possible to reach some arousal, it is mostly not like the original. And the problem is that by default, without actively forcing myself to have sex or masturbate the libido is rarely there. I could eliminate an endless list of PFS symptoms and I seem to be very healthy but my high SHBG and resulting low free T keeps me sexually turned off most of the time.

Hello guys,

I am 4 years out of finasteride and it’s still a disconnection between my brain and penile.
I’ve tried everything to reach a recover but all was in vain. (Vitamins, DHEA, NO2, tribullus…) and
I dont see the light in the final of tunnel.
Exercises also did not improve anything related to this big issue. Libido is constantly low and spontaneous erections is not felt
for atleast the last 6 years.


I have similar symptom as mcibofh, i complete lost sensation but know it is a little better. I still can not get erection but at least it is not totally numb right now, though i have read that it may go back to a numb state but as of right now it is not.

mcibofh, what is your current situation?

I guess I’m the exception. My libido is pretty high – for example, it’s really hard for me to go through with NoFap. However, I have some numbness in my shaft and frenulum (also varied lack of sensitivity in glans).

Do you experience any ED or PE problems though?

I did at the beginning of this mess. I’m fortunate to have had those locked away in my past – ED is very scary.

And do you feel any fluctuation in numbness?

Yes. The numbness fluctuates based on time and day. My glans varies the most out of everything. One day I am able to feel too much where slight scratches will freak me out, while other days the resolution is blurry. I find mornings to be the most numb or after I take naps.

Even when I was OK, I used to feel some numbness with morning erections. Actually, this makes me think it’s still might be some signalling problem, kinda poor connection, not lack of receptors in the skin.

There is light at the end the of the tunnel, if my experience is of any value.
Numbness was my biggest problems, felt permanent, over the years got better and better, and was back to normal about 4 years after. If I eat something estrogenic or take medications or use lotions that affect hormones get some numbness again, but it goes away within 2 days. It has been months since this happened. I hope this helps.


Awesome! I’m really glad to hear that.
Have you experienced hard-flaccids at any point?

Im completely numb, but I have libido at times. Its a weird combination.
Most of the time the combination is flacid/ low libido / numb, but it somtimes swtich.
I can sotimes get a hard on or have libido, but the numbness remains the same.

Another case of extremely high libido combined with extremely low penile sensetivity here…