NSI-189, has anyone tried it recently?

Hi guys,
I just wanted to ask whether anyone tried this compound recently, and can share his experience with it?
I just dont want to waste my time in trying useless stuff, but otherwise i would be happy to try it.

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one guy has tried it

youll have to dig up his thread or wait for me to do it when im free sometime

but the first time he crashed he used it to recover a lot of ground

its unclear how much it helped the 2nd time he crashed, i think he started using mushrooms to help that time

i also made a thread on the drug itself but its unfortunate the company pivoted away from that compound despite a lot of potential

I tried it in 2016. Terrible headaches after a week and I quit taking it… That was it.

It was a supposedly legitimate vendor on Longecity with a person claiming to have PSSD and a person claiming to have PAS both hyping it and what I received had the physical properties of NSI-189.

Also another “unknown mechanism of action” that was discovered via mass screening of compounds for some anti-depressant property.

You mean both claiming cured becuz of it, or just improvement of symptoms?

Hard to remember precisely. I think one was a claim of noticeable improvement in both libido and mood, and the other said it helped with depression. Neither was “cured” IIRC.

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I’ve talked with one person who has had ‘immense success’ with it. He said it helped cure everyhting excpet libido.

A guy on the PSSD-Forums is claiming recovery after taking 1g NSI-189 (Plz dont jump for it without thinking, since his improvements seem to be very very recent, i guess even less than a day or two)…Nevertheless this got me curious to ask again, if any of you guys have tried NSI 189 recently, at what dose, and if it helped alleviate any of the symptoms?

I actually tried it a while ago, 40mg sublingual, and i actually got a rapid improvment (Which could be placebo i know) from my debilitating brain fog…To be honest, i didnt feel that the improvements were worth the pain of getting NSI 189 (German customs is a pain in the butt), so i stopped ordering it…


so the improvements came rapidly and then diminished?

Apparently not…He is saying that he is mostly recovered for almost 2 weeks now.
He claims that he took 120mg for 3 months and the improvements were subtle, then he got brave and took a heroic (or stupid) dose, slept over it and woke up almost cured.

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Asking about your situation

Oh God im sorry…Actually yes…After 3 days on 40mg once daily…I noticed a definitive lifting of my brain fog (Which is mostly 24/7 present)…Im not sure if the effect completely diminished, but it was for the hustle of ordering NSI 189 again and going through the tedious customs in my country, just not worth it…I ran out after 2 weeks, which is when i stopped.


I hear you, that sounds like a hassle.

You should try to find a German source that makes it or specializes in dealing with getting around all the regulatory stuff

I also have read reports from an individuals experience that taking it for a long time made them overly and artificially positive and happy in a weird way

Can’t remember the dose and length taken but this guy seemed sensitive to it

Anyway, I hear a lot of positive reports about this particular drug and our neuro symptoms