NSAIDs/Meloxicam shrinking testicles

I have psoriatic arthritis in my feet so my rheum put me on mexoicam 15 mg for 2 weeks. It helped the pain but significantly shrunk my testicles. T shot up to 1101, Free T is 180, and Estradiol is 39 - all the highest they’ve been. I’ve been off the meloxicam for 6 weeks now without any return to normal size. Any thoughts on what avenues to explore to rectify this? Obviously I won’t take the meloxicam again.

I don’t know how strong the painkillers are but I was prescribed ibuprofen for something a while back, but as it is an NSAID, I was told I could use paracetamol instead, which did not cause me any problems.


Very interesting. I was recently prescribed Meloxicam for my penis fracture. I already suffered from shrunken testicles and low testosterone.

I certainly don’t want to shrink my testicles even further. This is freaking me out, i’ve already taken about 10 of these pills, but i’m stopping today.

Saw some studies that support this: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316854630_EFFECT_OF_MELOXICAM_AND_TOLFENAMIC_ACID_ON_SOME_REPRODUCTIVE_ASPECTS_OF_MALE_RATS


This second study states that these changes may be beneficial as it induces increased testosterone, but that has more to do with L-Carnitine.

Hopefully i didn’t fuck up my testicles even more. Our conditions are so complex that we need to be extra careful as doctors don’t even know/care/have time to look at all the variables.

Really really really don’t want to be taking advil but had a tooth extracted and the pain in the tooth beside it is unbearable without an anti inflammatory. I’ll be even further crashed in hell soon I’m sure.

Feel the crash starting today. It’s coming on strong this is going to be a big one

Please god does anyone know of an anti inflammatory that won’t mess with hormones or cartilage?

The pain is excurtiating with out them i have pulpitis

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Have things settled? I’ve read/vaguely recall ibuprofen is ok but do your own research

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Luckily I got into see a dentist and they packed my wound with some clove paste which helped. Was able to stop taking the advil. I’ll tell ya there is NOTHING like teeth pain. It just stops your life. Evolution really needs to look into this and phase teeth out of existence

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Ps laz have you ever tried borax before?

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Yes mate unfortunately not good news it brought on extreme anxiety and I was nowhere near as bad at the time so tread carefully. Interestingly I used to rub clove paste into my gums and after a couple of days it crashed me. Good that it’s done the job for you.

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Mental how we interact differently with these things. I’m going to try BHB tomorrow. Cause why the fuck.not. unless have u tried it before??

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Will def be staying away from borax…sorry that happened man

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Good luck, no mate but I eat lots of butter. Keep us posted and the best of luck. Hope it brings some restbite. One a separate im in contact with another severe case and he recently had a b12 injection and it has brought him some good days with a general improvement in other areas. Apparently some of us can’t absorb it via foods alone. I eat lots of meat and should be swimming in it but a lot of our symptoms are the same as B12 deficiency. Keeping an eye on it