Noticing Gum recession?

I swear I’m not going crazy. Almost 3 weeks into this crap I’ve had sides recover but noticed that my gums have recessed on some teeth , and it’s not in my head.

Without sharing your horror stories with this side (if possible) any tips on how to reduce/reverse this before it gets to the point of gum grafts would be greatly appreciated.



Heard that vitamin d helps? Maybe calcium ?

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For what it’s worth, my otherwise healthy gums started receding after PFS too, and that was 15 years ago. At least for me, it stabilized, and through careful brushing, flossing, and dentist visits every 6 months, I haven’t needed grafts and thankfully still have all my teeth.

Completely giving up soda and almost all added sugar may have helped too.


I have PSSD and have noticed this too, plus my jaw has receded considerably.

I’ve had this too, I heard oil pulling may also help.

I have this and I have high calcium idk it’s weird.

I’m thinking vitamin D might be the way to go but not going crazy with the dosages. For me I’m waiting for Bloods to come back but I’m on a lunch that a lot of my issues are stemming from low T ( could be wrong )

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Check your PTH, high calcium could mean your body is pulling the calcium out of your bones and teeth.

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Yes my doctor suggested that, surprisingly that’s the only thing I haven’t tested yet. Will be getting that very soon. Thank you for the suggestion.

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If you do have low t here that would be a lot simpler than not and still having all these issues😂 please update us.

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Idk if it’s for the gums but all my other sides I’m willing to guess that it has to do with T/E ratio. But again I’m not a doctor lol

Idk if it relates to the gums, but I’m willing to guess that it probably has something to do with T/E ratio, or maybe something in the thyroid. But again I’m not a doc so who knows lol

There’s a lot of weird shit going on, I didn’t have serious hormone issues, but I recently got tested for autoimmune related issues and viruses, and I came back either high and low in a number of them that can suggest very recent or current viruses. I may have Lyme as well🤪. Also low hemoglobin so I may be diabetic who the fuck knows.

Btw just read your thread and I’m a one pill case too:) it’s rough shit.

Shits bizzare but I feel like I’ll be alright and you def will. My dick looked like a 10 yr olds like 8 hours after I was like wtf lol. Obviously not funny but it’s crazy

That’s insane, I didn’t experience any serious sexual sides but everything else yes. You name it I have it lmao.

I can’t comment on vitamin D for gums, but we are aware of people using high dose Vitamin D and making themselves worse.

Be cautious.

I know you said to not go crazy, but I wanted to stress this.

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